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United Methodist Church 
Hot Springs, N.C. 








David J. Pittman Fund 



Wnxtzii Htett?0&t0t 


Hot Springs, North Carolina 

Built on Faith 

Historian and Author: 

Winnie Wills Broglin 

Heritage Committee: 

Jeanette Nix 

Frances Strom 

Amanda Cutshall 

Geneva Barnett 

Violet Wills 


Stephen Schoof 

Mountain Church 

Alexander, North Carolina 

Publisher: Ralph Roberts 

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Sunday School Superintendents 6 

Preface 8 

The Journey Begins 10 

Sharing in God's Love 17 

A New Dawn Approaches 31 

Moving Forward 41 

The Journey Continues 49 

Snapshots of Our History 51 

Do You Remember? 52 

Antioch Traditions 56 

Christmas in a Country Church 58 

A Remembrance 60 

A Tribute to Charles Thomas Lawson 62 

A Memory of Lee Paige Barnett 63 

In Memory and Honor of My Parents: 

Fred and Hattie Barnett 64 

A Tribute to Clarence Lawson 65 

In Memory of: Walter & Martha Sawyer, 

Claude & Dorothy Sawyer 66 

In Memory of My Father-in-Law: Neal Barnett 67 

In Memory of My Grandparents: 

Clifford & Minnie Ellison Green 68 

Gospel Singing Now Growing 69 

Membership Register — 1800s 71 

Membership Register — 1900s 74 

Register of Baptisms — 1930s 77 

Membership Register — 1950s 78 

Register of Baptisms — 1950s 79 

Membership Register— 2000 80 

Antioch Church Family Photo Album 81 

Obituaries 106 

Antioch United Methodist Church 

; v? 

The way we were then — early 1900s 

Built on Faith 

wmmmmx, " 

and now 

Antioch United Methodist Church 

Sunday School Superintendents 

George Wells 
(photo not available) 

. ■ ■ ' 


i' ;v 



—A * 


Charles T. Law son 

Walter Jack Shipley 
(photo not available) 

Fred Burnett 

Built on Faith 




%w ^ 

Jo/7/7 Henry Lamb Jr. 

Need Burnett 

Eugene Law son 

Isabel Burnett Maynard 



This is the story of a little country church and its 

Some of the information consists of the remem- 
brances of those who live in the community and have 
been associated with the church for most of their 
lives. For them, getting together to talk about the 
church's history has been a source of joy. 

The story also includes factual information, 
much of which was found in letters and charge 
records left by the various pastors. Some kept bet- 
ter records than others. The Reverend Harry Sell- 
ers, who was pastor for the longest amount of time 
that the new building was under construction, left 
a good deal of dated correspondence that has 
proved most valuable. 

Also helpful were the United Methodist Archives 
in Charlotte, which was able to provide a partial list 
of ministers and service terms back to the mid-1800s. 

This is not a complete record. There is much that 
is not touched upon, but it is the total of the infor- 
mation available. 

The author is grateful to everyone who contrib- 
uted to this history. 

Built on Faith 

Dave Law son 

Ann Law son 

Henry Lawson, Nannie Lawson, George and Polly Wills Swaney 
John Freshour 



The story of the Antioch Church family begins outside Hot 
Springs, North Carolina, near the Tennessee state line. 

According to records from the Methodist Church Ar- 
chives, Antioch's first minister was the Reverend W. H. Coo- 
per, who began serving in 1867. Back then, Antioch was a 
member of the Holston Conference in Tennessee. This was 
well before a building had been established, so worship and 
prayer presumably occurred in the homes of Christians 
throughout the community. 

The Archive lists the following ministers and dates of service: 

1867 ~ W. H. Cooper 

1870 ~ R. L. Smith 

1879 ~ D.H.Coman 

1883 ~ J. T. Smith 

1886 ~ C. T. Carroll 

1888 ~ R. W. Pickens 

1890 ~ W. B. Lyda 

There have been at least three different church buildings at 
two different locations in the Antioch community since its be- 
ginning. Information about these early days is scarce and some- 
times confusing. The Madison County Courthouse contains a 
couple of relevant deeds, while previous histories provide 
rough timelines for crucial events. 

Built on Faith 11 

The first deed, from November 1, 1899, is an indenture 
between J. M. Gudger, Jr., and his wife Katie, and N. J. Lance 
and his wife Fannie E., to the Trustees of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church South at Antioch in Madison County of the 
Western North Carolina Conference. This indenture states 
that for a sum of one dollar, a parcel of land in #9 Township 
was transferred from the Gudgers and Lances to the Meth- 
odist Church Trustees at Antioch. This may refer to the land 
along US 25/70 that now contains the Antioch Cemetery. J. 
P. Wells, J. A. Gorrell, and F. C. Ebbs appear as trustees. 

A second deed, dated August 22, 1922, conveyed land 
from H. C. Wood and his wife Nellie to the Trustees of the 
Antioch Methodist Church for the sum of seventy-five dol- 
lars. This deed likely refers to the current church site at the 
intersection of Grassy Creek Road and Highway 25-70, and 
lists J. M. Waddell, V. L. Church, J. P. Wells, G. F. Wells, C. 
T. Lawson, W. C. Church, and James Harkleroad as trustees. 

Thus, the deeds would indicate that the first church was built 
in 1899 and moved to its present location around 1922. An earlier 
history, though, clearly states that the church made this move in 
1890, " while George Wells was Sunday School Superintendent" — 
nine years before the church even owned the first tract! 

One explanation is that the church was built and moved 
before it ever actually owned the properties involved. Per- 
haps the buildings were constructed on land still technically 
owned by individual members. At any rate, it is safe to as- 
sume that the original building appeared on the present-day 
Antioch Cemetery land sometime in the late nineteenth cen- 
tury. This first structure was a small, one-room log building 
that served double-duty as a church on Wednesday nights 
and Sundays and the community school the rest of the week. 
Some early known members were Sarah Jane Black, Henry 
Lawson, Emma Fitzgerald, Sue Rogers, and Mack Lamb. 

After moving to the new location at Grassy Creek, the first 
known building was a white wood frame structure with a 

12 Antioch United Methodist Church 

steeple and bell, which the superintendent used to summon 
the countryside to worship. The foundation was rock, with a 
front door high enough off the ground that twelve steps were 
needed to enter the large double doors. Inside were two rows 
of long black seats on each side of the aisle leading down to 
the altar. Both the seats and the altar were sawn and hewn 
by Green Waddell, Sr., and Zack Barnett. The altar was par- 
ticularly large, surrounding the entire pulpit and podium, 
which was one step higher than the congregation. Three tall 
windows punctuated each side of the church, and two were 
behind the podium. The organ sat to the right and a piano 
was later placed on the left. 

In the summer the tall, open church was cool and invit- 
ing, with an old oak tree just outside to provide shade from 
the summer sun. In the winter a big pot-bellied stove stood 
to the right of the altar, burning coal purchased from a truck 
that came peddling just before snow and cold temperatures 
arrived. Early on these winter mornings, one of the men 
walked to church to build a fire that would get the building 
nice and toasty before the congregation arrived. Everyone 
wanted to sit near the front on those mornings, unless the 
wind was blowing, in which case the stove spewed big puffs 
of black smoke. 

A cistern behind the church provided water for thirsty pa- 
rishioners. Rainwater was caught in a trough along the edge of 
the roof, running into the covered cistern, which had a hand 
pump that allowed users to drink straight from the mouth of 
the pump. 

Occasionally someone would have a "bathroom emer- 
gency/' For just such times an outhouse was located behind 
the building. Going to the outhouse did not require an emer- 
gency: if you were looking for a good excuse to leave the 
service while Mom and Dad were otherwise occupied, you 
might stroll over to the outhouse belonging to the family 
across the road. 

Built on Faith 13 

In most rural communities, the church formed the heart and 
soul of the people. It not only provided weekly spiritual re- 
newal, but also formed the social hub of the area. News was 
spread through announcements, neighbors visited, and teen- 
agers and young people found that " special someone" sitting 
on the back pew on Wednesdays and Sundays. Church was the 
place young children made lifelong friends. It was a family af- 
fair, and everyone eagerly anticipated the appointed hour for 

Antioch was no exception, and it has always provided a 
wonderful place to worship. Just entering the sanctuary re- 
vealed the quiet and peaceful serenity of God's House. If you 
went with a heavy heart, being in the house of the Lord made 
your spirits rise, and if you went with a glad heart, you left 
with an even more joyous spirit. Members remember services 
when spirits were so full they just overflowed and worship- 
pers shouted in the aisles. Revivals (which were sometimes held 
in a tent instead of the church house) in particular were loud 
and spirited: everyone sang, shouted, preached and prayed, 
praising their Lord and Savior. 

The church served families in the community in good 
times as well as bad, and families have been loyal and sup- 
portive of the church down through the generations. For ex- 
ample, Dave and Annie Lawson were members of the first 
congregation. Their son Clarence was christened in 1905. He 
in turn grew up and married Nannie Holt, with whom he 
had four children. Some of them still live in the community 
and are active in the church. (Clarence himself was a song 
leader and trustee, working hard to build the new church in 
the early 1960s.) 

Around 1892, Antioch left the Hols ton Conference in Ten- 
nessee and joined the Western Carolina Conference. The 
Western District meets in Lake Junaluska each June to take 
care of church business and to assign ministers to the area 
charges; following is a list (provided by the Methodist Ar- 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

chives i 

n Charlotte) of Antioch's ministers and the dates they 

served from 1892 till the present: 



F. W. Mansfield 

1898 ~ 

Harold Turner 



J. W. Ricker 

1903 ~ 

D. P. Lamb 



J. W. Puckett 

1907 ~ 

C. H. Neal 



F. E. Allison 

1909 ~ 

C. R. Allison 



G. T. Rowe 

1914 ~ 

H. A. Hastey 



J. R. Warren 

1917 ~ 

J. M. Green 



C. H. Christenbury 

1921 ~ 

W. J. Huges 



A. A. Angel 

1927 ~ 

C. B, Newton 



G. L. Lovett 

1929 ~ 

J. B. Umberger 



Russell Caudill 

1932 ~ 

Oakley E. Croy 



Charles W. Clay 

1934 ~ 

Moir Edwards 



Robert M. Varner 

1937 ~ 

J. R. Duncan 



J. N. Snow 

1940 ~ 

Z. V. Arthur 



W. C. Clark 

1944 ~ 

Edgar Clapp 



Z. V. Arthur 

1953 ~ 

J. A. Green 



W. A. Rich 

1955 ~ 

J. A. Alber 



J. C. Wakefield 

1960 ~ 

Robert M. Brittain 



Elbert H. Goode 

1962 - 

Harry Sellers 



Donald Turman 

1969 ~ 

Finley M. Orr 



L. Paul Heafner 

1973 ~ 

Baxter Proffitt 



Randall Lanier 

1977 ~ 

E. O. Queen 



William Haselden 

1981 ~ 

Harry Wing 



Bobby Miller 

1986 ~ 

Wyllene Skipper 



Rosco Garris 

1994 ~ 

John Roby 



Elgin R. Nichols 

1995 ~ 

Willis H. Pruett 

Built on Faith 15 

The Year is 1913 
The School Class of Carson Lawson 

1st Row: Hermon Davis, Green Waddell, , , , Elmer 

Lawson, Wesley Penland, Jack Barnett, Joe Lawson, 

2nd Row: , Marie Davis, , , , 

Lucy Goode Southerland, Maggie Swaney Sexton, , 

, Clarence Lawson, Orville Gregg 

3rd Row: Carson Lawson (teacher), , Minnie Swaney Stills, 

Bonnie Goode, Mildred Davis, Alene Harklewad, 

Elizabeth Lawson, , Hugh Gardner, Hiram Gardner, 

, Melvin Roberts, 

4th Row: Fannie Lawson Ricker, Dorothy Lamb Stevens, 

Pearl Lamb, Lawson girl, , , Mary Swaney Lamb, 

Lillie Roberts Wills 


A^tiochUnitedJ^ Church 

Dorothy Stevens' Sunday School Class 

Early J 940s 

RevaHarkleroad, Violet Wills, Milford Lawson, Glen Burnett 

the others I was not able to identify 



The earliest secretaries' reports are from 1929 to 1933, and 
can be supplemented by individual remembrances. 

Charlie Lawson, son of Henry Lawson, was superintendent 
during this period. He usually conducted services, though 
records indicate this responsibility was also carried out by oth- 
ers, including G. F. Wells, C. W. Clay, Wesley Pendland, and 
A. A. Angel. The record of minutes was not always signed, but 
some signatures do appear: // Brother ,/ Lovitt, A. J. Fain, George 
Wells, and Helen Chockley. 

This was a time when work was hard and money was scarce. 
Collections were meager — usually just a few cents each Sunday — 
and were therefore spent wisely. (July 19, 1931, for example, saw a 
total collection of 44 cents.) Monies were usually used for clean- 
ing the church: Melva Sexton began doing this on November 1, 
1927, and was paid $2.00 per month. If there wasn't enough money 
in the collections, various members paid her. 

Occasionally a Sunday School class would receive some of 
the collections for a special project. One such project included 
reading chapters in the Bible, for which readers received a beau- 
tiful new Bible at its conclusion. (Mrs. Amanda Sexton Cutshall 
still has her mother, Melva Swaney's, project Bible.) 

Reverend A. A. Angel is remembered as a well-respected 
minister and community member. When lightning fatally 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

struck one of his daughters, the church family was a source 
of great support. Dave Lawson spent much time with the 
Angel's, and Polly Wills Swaney sent her young daugh- 
ter Melva to help with the family's chores during this dif- 
ficult time. 

The Sunday School report as recorded by the secretary pro- 
vides a glimpse of the congregation. This is the Attendance Roll 
as listed for December 22, 1933 (only a partial listing, since the 
bottom of the page is missing): 

Charles Waddell 
Edna Lamb 
Junior Swaney 
Frank Owens 
Eula Kate Reed 
Joe Shipley 
Dorothy Shipley 
Sherman Shipley 
Ervin Harkleroad 
Dolman Gowen 
Lucille Gowan 
Hubert Lamb 
Melva Swaney 
Lucy Church 
Helen Chockley 
Joe Wood 
Robert Miller 
Eula Ralston 
John Waddell 
Joe Owens 
Violet Wills 
Lee Stephens 

Edd Waddell 
Muriel Lamb 
Clydes Swaney 
Opal Woods 
Charles Stephens 
Milford Lawson 
Ruth Wood 
Luvina Miller 
Everett Lawson 
Hardy Woody 
Wallace Stephens 
Gladys Harkleroad 
Fannie Miller 
Iceam Church 
Helen Shipley 
Reeves Church 
Lorena Wills 
John Henry Wood 
Margaret Martin 
Paul Harkleroad 
Alma Lawson 
Anderson Parker 

Janette Chockley 
Viola Wills 
Vernon Stills 
Wilma Lawson 
Paul Shipley 
Paul Parker 
Kathleen Wills 
Revel Lawson 
Andy Gowan 
Edith Lawson 
Carl Almany 
Dessie Waddell 
Ethel Church 
Juanita Lamb 
Adrian Martin 
Arthur Lawson 
Anna Mae Wills 
John Parker 
Paul Wood 
Ruby Lamb 
Edith Owens 
Fannie Mae Owens 

Built on Faith 


Edith Lawson 
Maggie Harkleroad 
Lillian Miller 

Corrie Lee Lawson 
Bernice Miller 
Octavia Lawson 

Melva Swaney 
Gladys Harkleroad 

Sunday School teachers were Ina Lawson, Clarence 
Lawson, Pauline Church, and Mrs. Harkleroad. 

The author found it particularly interesting that, although 
men usually conducted the services, Maggie Harkleroad 
conducted the December 17, 1933 service. 

Robert and Melva Swaney 

Will and Hester Miller Swaney 

The Friday-night "Christmas Tree" service on December 22, 
1933, gives a glimpse of expenditures: with $58.05 in the trea- 
sury, the church used $4.25 for literature, $3.17 for a children's 
home, $1.00 for the Christmas tree, and $1.26 for missions. 
Eighty-three cents went for coal for the stove. 

The secretaries' minutes not only document church busi- 
ness, but also reveal the character of some of the members. The 
notes on May 6, 1934, state: "See Edith Lawson chewing gum 
and Ralph Angel misbehaved in class and will remain thirty 

20 Antioch United Methodist Church 

minutes after church." For August 26, 1934: "Bennie got an aw- 
ful fall today and Gladys is chewing gum again/' And on May 
31, 1936: "I will be 18 years old tomorrow, June 1, 1936." Could 
this be Gladys Harkleroad? The minutes here were signed by 
Juanita Freshour, Mary Swaney, and Ruby Lamb. 

The 1935 record book lists Sunday School Officers as C. T. 
Lawson (superintendent), Gladys Harkleroad (secretary/ trea- 
surer), and Mrs. Harlkeroad, Mrs. Huff, Ina Lawson, and V. L. 
Church (teachers). On occasion, Green Waddell and Walter 
Shipley would lead services. 

Moving on to the 1939 record book, Walter Shipley is the 
superintendent. Though these notes were not signed, they are 
enlightening and somewhat humorous, revealing that people 
and personalities really do not change through the years. On 
December 4, 1938, for example, the section for "remarks" is 
noted with "too many to mention." On May 7, 1939, a writer 
gives some pertinent advice: "Don't make too many smart-aleck 
remarks at church or nowhere else." This same day's writer 
mentions the "very bad conduct by class #3" and says that 
"Walter Shipley got mad and V. L. Church conducted the ser- 
vices for the rest of the month and on through September 10th." 

During this time, pastors devoted several lessons to al- 
cohol and its effects on individuals, families, and communi- 
ties. There are still signs of growth among the confusion. 
There is a decidedly noticeable increase in attendance, with 
June 25, 1939 bringing a record attendance of 100 people, the 
most recorded yet. 

The record book for 1938 to 1942 lists the Attendance Roll 
as follows (some names are the same, but some new ones 

Walter Jack Shipley, Superintendent and Class Teacher. 
Mae Gentry Claude Sawyer Mae Shipley 

Hazel Waddell James Strom Hiram Strom 

Alvin Lovin Dewey Wills Charles Waddell 

Built on Faith 


Ralph Barnett 
Muriel Lamb 
Ruby Lamb 
Dellie Wyatt 
Jack Barnett 
Hugh Stevens 
Hubert Church 
Jeanette Chockley 
Bowlen Gentry 
William Gentry 
Allan Gowans 
Melvin Lamb 
Katherine Gowan 
Florence Cook 
Ruth Wills 
James Sawyer 
Ralph Wyatt 
Edna Gentry 
Bullet Shipley 
Glen Barnett 

Helen Gardner 
Alma Lawson 
Carl Almany 
Eunie Wyatt 
Henry Thomas 
Lucy Church 
James Harkleroad 
Adrian Woody 
Maggie Gowan 
John Waddell 
Beulah Gowans 
Ralph Sawyer 
Steve Wills 
Vinson Maynard 
Edna Lamb 
Pauline Gowans 
Pauline Griffin 
Sherman Shipley 
Freddy Joe Strom 
Pete Shipley 
Eugene Wills 

Frances Barnett 
Helen Reed 
Annie Almany 
Maurice Almany 
Carl Wyatt 
Icsam Church 
Dicky Tom Church 
Juanita Lamb 
Mr. Smith 
Lee Stevens 
Harley Church 
Ina Lawson 
Edith Miller 
Viola Wills 
Paul Shipley 
Gwendolyn Swaney 
Erwin Harkleroad 
Junior Wills 
Neal Barnett 
Clydes Swaney 
Vernor Wills 

Junior Swaney 

Dee Strom Paul and Shelby Whitten 

Junior and Viola Hagan Frances and Arnold Goodson 

Kathleen and Clyde Parks Edd Waddell 

Paul Shipley, Pauline Gowan and Reed 

A personal note appears on this page: "I got to go to Jefferson 
City and White Pine on Christmas Day." The names Frances 
and Henry are recorded here. 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

Arnold and Mary Swaney 

Vernon Stills, Roberts Sexton 

(holding Amanda), Maggie 

Sexton (holding Shermont 

Stills), Ruby Lamb (holding 

Mary Swaney), Wi I lard Swaney, 

Helen Sexton, Geneva Stills 

We now skip to 1944 through 1946. Kathleen Wills' and 
Evelyn Swaney's names appear at random throughout this book. 
Did they keep the minutes? There is not much new to report 
until December 1944, when a glimpse of the Christmas treat 
bag appears in the Christmas treat order. Here were 3 boxes of 
mixed candy, 8 boxes of stick candy and chocolate, 1 bushel of 
apples, 1 crate of oranges, and 186 pokes. The attendance roll 
is listed again and has grown, presumably because young 
people have grown up, gotten married, and produced large 
families. Notice the number of children listed, as well as the 
new family names: 

Fred Barnett Mr. Will Church Rev. E. B. Clapp 

Hattie Barnett Mrs. Will Church Mrs. E. B. Clapp 

Built on Faith 


Frances Barnett 
Neal Barnett 
Glen Barnett 
Isabel Barnett 
Billy Fowler 
Marie Gentry 
Gerdine Gentry, Jr. 
Audrey Hall 
Carolyn Hall 
Dorothy Hall 
Paul Hall 
Wanda Hall 
Mrs. Harsey Maynard 
Marie Maynard 
Maurice Maynard 
Dave Lawson 
Annie Lawson 
Clarence Lawson 
Nannie Lawson 
Milford Lawson 
Jimmy Lawson 
Eugene Lawson 
Jeanette Lawson 
Ina Lawson 
Alma Lawson 
Mrs. Elmer Lawson 
Alfred Lovin 
Delmas Lovin 
Mr. M. Ralston 
Claude Stills 
Vernon Stills 
Shermont Stills 
Geneva Stills 

Howard Church 
Marie Church 
Paul Ruble Church 
Emmitt Harkleroad 
Mr. F. L. Fowler 
Mrs. Celia Wills Ricker 
Roy Ricker 
Ruby Ricker 
Wanda Ricker 
Helen Reed 
Eula Kate Reed 
Thurman Reed 
Walter Sawyer 
James Sawyer 
Junior Sawyer 
Charles Sawyer 
Kate Sawyer 
Claude Sawyer 
Dorothy Sawyer 
Bob Sexton 
Amanda Sexton 
Bobby Sexton 
Helen Sexton 
Elmer Sexton 
Lillian Sexton 
Walter Shipley 
Mae Shipley 
Sherman Shipley 
Paul Shipley 
Mr. France Stills 
Gwendolyn Swaney 
C. J. Swaney 
Willard Swaney 

Mr. Mac Conner 
Mrs. Mac Conner 
Grace Darnell 
Bobby Jo Mathis 
Joan Morris 
Addie Mae Shipley 
Louise Shipley 
Orville Shipley 
Mary V. Shipley 
Freddie Joe Strom 
Franklin D. Strom 
Johnnie Strom 
Sarah Ann Thomas 
Green Waddell 
Edd Waddell 
Kathleen Waddell 
Marvin Waddell 
Mrs. Eulah Wills 
Lillie Wills 
Violet Wills 
David Wills 
Ruth Wills 
Viola Wills 
Kathleen Wills 
Eugene Wills 
Charles Wills 
Steve Wills 
Junior Swaney 
Mary Swaney 
Shelby Jean Swaney 
Evelyn Swaney 
Jeanette Swaney 
Martha Sawyer 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

These names were written together as if girlfriend-boy- 
friend: Edna and Richard, Charles Southerland and Meadie 
Rathbone, Kathleen Wills and Buster Gahagan, Evelyn 
Swaney and Fred Baker, Louise Shipley and Jack Ward, 
Wanda Hall and Verlin Shelton, Leo-Donald Holt and Ruth 
Wills, Rabbit and Viola, Charles Southerland and Viola Wills 
(Note, "Correct"). 

These names were found in another section of the record 
book with an unknown date: 

Vaughn Barnett 
Dewey Foster 
Reva Foster 
Charles Foster 
Max Osteen 
Marie Osteen 
Emma Kate Davis 
Linda Waddell 
Hazel Waddell 
Nancy Hudson 
Edward Stanley 
Pauline Stanley 
Ruth Wood 
George Wood 
Nell Plemmons 
A. C. Plemmons 
Donnie Church 
Sharon Gentry 
Minnie Stills 
Maggie Sexton 
Paul Ellison 
Helen Ellison 
Polly Ellison 

Wilma Jean Etherton 
June Etherton 
Bun Etherton 
Carolyn Hall 
Paul Hall 
Juanita Lawson 
Arthur Lawson 
Dolman Gowan 
Dorothy Lawson 
Bernard Gosnell 
Gene Gosnell 
Gailyon Gosnell 
Kate Gosnell 
Edna Morris 
June Morris 
Arnold Lamb 
Mary Lamb 
Muriel Lamb 
Edna Lamb 
Roger Beck 
Linda Sue Beck 
Judge Dunbar 
Mrs. Judge Dunbar 

Dicky Tom Gentry 
Jabo Gentry 
Grace Gentry 
Joe Shipley 
Mae Shipley 
Virginia Shipley 
Faye Shipley 
Junior Shipley 
Harley Church 
Kate Church 
Paul Wyatt 
Jack Woody 
Jeraldine Southerland 
Martha Sawyer 
Vinnie Sawyer 
Paul Sawyer 
Earnest Sawyer 
Rex Strom 
Ann Strom 
James Strom 
Wayne Strom 
Judy Strom 
Doris Hollan 

Built on Faith 


Clydes Swaney 
Girty Mae Swaney 
Aileen Swaney 
Burnett Wills 
Eulah Wills 
Joann Morris 
Lat Stanley 
Mary Thomas 
Clifford Green 
Minnie Green 
Ovella Green 
Brenda Green 
Junior Green 
Cleo Wills 
Alonzo Wills 
Roberta Wills 
Pauline Wills 

Faye Dunbar 
Emmitt Harkleroad 
Gerdine Gentry 
Carl Thornburg 
David Thornburg 
Edith Miller 
Harold Miller 
Jean Cook 
Reva Harkleroad 
Lucille Gowan 
Doyle Miller 
Perry Gowan 
Mrs. Perry Gowan 
Ethel Harkleroad 
Doyle Morris 
Mrs. Bailey 
Eugene Wills 

Rebecca Hollan 
David Hollan 
Wayne Hollan 
Buddy Hollan 
Darylene Hollan 
Homer Foster 
Frances Foster 
Jerry Foster 
Virgil Foster 
Ronald Lawson 
Hubert Gentry 
Junior Gosnell 
Charles Lawson 
Margaret Maynard 
Martha Ann Gosnell 
Hester Swaney 

Each year at Christmas, Antioch still presents a Christmas 
program consisting of a Christmas play, carols, and the giving 
and receiving of gifts among the congregation. The church also 
buys candy, apples, oranges, nuts, and gum for a treat bag 
( // poke ,/ ) for everyone to take home. 

Here are the contents of the program and its participants for 
1949, in the days when the Christmas tree was still obtained by 
someone cutting it from the woods: 


THE CHRIST OF CHRISTMAS ~ Elmer Sexton, Lillian Sexton, 

C.J. Swaney and Isabel Barnett 
JUST LIKE A MAN ~ Carl Gentry 
CHRISTMAS ANGELS ~ Shelby Jean Swaney, Margaret 

Maynard, Bernice Reed, Isabel Barnett, Christine Reed, and 

June Etherton 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

CHRISTMAS SONGS ~ Jeanette Swaney, Lillian Sexton, Faye 

Shipley, and Virginia Shipley 
BUSY SANTA ~ Paul Wyatt 
A PERFECT FRIEND ~ Girty Mae Swaney 
TOO SMALL ~ Linda Sue Beck 
SANTA'S HELPER ~ Orville Shipley 

CHRISTMAS STARS ~ C. J. Swaney, Elmer Sexton, Lillian Sex- 
ton, Jeanette Swaney, Isabel Barnett, Tommy Barnett 
Over the next few years, the secretary's report gives little 
information. Whoever kept the minutes did not sign them and 
only recorded facts about attendance, collection, and Bible les- 
sons. Our story will skip to the 1950s, a time of renewed work 
and growth. 


'^J' S&M:(: 




I na Law son 

Clarence and Nannie Law son 

Built on Faith 


Ethel Harkleroad, Linda Parks, Johnny Parks, Charles Gosnell 


, : 

Lee Barnett 

Emmett Harkleroad 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

Fred and Hattie Barnett 

Superintendent and Sunday School 


Elmer Law son, worked to 
help build our new church 

left: Claude Stills, a faithful 
supporter and prayer leader 

below: Frances Strom and her 
children: Dwaine, Wayne, Judy, 
Kay, Timmy, Belinda, and Wade 

Built on Faith 



■" -/'M. 


mom : i«* 

V: .■::■;■■■■ ■ ' . ■' 
. ., ., 

..V-^.i:-:-; .^P»,, 

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: ■ . 


above: Eugene Lawson being baptized in the creek 

below: The Sawyer family: Vinnie, Kate, Martha, Opal, 
Claude, Joe, Charles, Jim 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

Elmer, Maggie and Lillian Sexton 

Freddie Barnett, Loretta Barnett, Polly Ellison, 
Ronald Caldwell (in the stroller) 



Reverend J. C. Wakefield was pastor when the members of 
the church's official board met to discuss the possibility of a 
new church building. The year was 1956, and the estimated cost 
was $18,000. How would a poor farming community ever come 
up with that kind of money? 

The Rev. Lee P. Barnett, a native son who had gone on to 
get an education and become involved in Methodist Church 
politics, was adamant that there were grants available from the 
Duke Endowment Fund for projects just like this. He stressed 
that with faithful, prayerful vigilance and a willingness for hard 
work God would provide the means to the desired end. 

On April 6, 1959, District Superintendent Robert G. Tuttle 
finally authorized Reverend Wakefield to begin. At a meeting 
of the Official Board, Rev. Wakefield, as pastor of the Hot 
Springs charge, in turn authorized a committee to start the 
project on April 15. 

In a letter to Superintendent Tuttle, pastor Wakefield dis- 
cusses local labor for the new building, saying, "Mr. Clarence 
Lawson and his brother Elmer do the most beautiful stone work 
in this country," and that Clarence was willing to take charge 
of the building. In return correspondence, Superintendent 
Tuttle asks Rev. Wakefield to secure financial aid from the Duke 
Endowment, The Board of Missions, and the District Board of 
Church Extensions. 

32 Antioch United Methodist Church 

Meanwhile, Rev. Barnett secured Louis Asbury, a Charlotte 
architect, to donate his time drawing up plans for the new struc- 
ture. And always looking for new ideas to help his " first church 
family/' Barnett suggested in a letter to Joseph Tuttle of the 
District Office, "that we might consider naming the church 
'Memorial. '...Then we could think of all the good folks who 
have lived and died in our church family." He proposed Mr. 
Gorrell be the one in whose memory the church was built, a 
suggestion that would be discussed with Ed Church. 

By 1960, the church building committee consisted of: 

Pastors: Robert Brittain and Elbert Goode 

Chairman of the Official Board: Clarence Lawson 

Treasurer of the Building Fund: Dolman Gowan 

Chairman: Ed Church; Members: Fred Barnett, Neal Barnett, 
Emmitt Harkleroad, and Everett Lawson. 

The actual construction was slated to begin in July 1960, 
with the education building to be finished by the summer of 
1962. Now with a plan and organized leadership, the church 
still needed funds. 

After some investigation of Rev. Barnett's suggestions, the 
Board found that approximately $10,000 could be granted 
through the Duke Endowment and the District Church Missions 
Fund. This left $8,000 to be raised by the congregation, so the 
building committee immediately listed anyone they thought 
could pledge money. 

Unfortunately, it was June — the same time the Methodist 
Church traditionally moved pastors at its annual conference at 
Lake Junaluska. The fact that a church might be in the midst of 
a major building project made no difference — so exit Pastors 
Brittain and Goode. A young minister named Harry Sellers was 
sent in, turning out to be a Godsend as a dedicated and hard- 
working visionary. He believed the church could be built, never 
mind that his flock was dirt poor. 

By September 1961, the education building was finished well 
enough to use for a year, during which the old sanctuary was torn 

Built on Faith 33 

down while the congregation tried to raise funds for a new one. 
Plans were to begin by October 15, 1963, at a cost of $15,000. 

Again Rev. Barnett came into the picture. He wrote Rev. 
Sellers to introduce the Rev. Rollin P. Gibbs of the Field Ser- 
vice and Finance branch of the Methodist Conference. Rev. 
Gibbs had a proven record of helping small rural churches raise 
needed finances, and specialized in Building Crusades. 

Rev. Sellers prepared for the Crusade by getting the con- 
gregation organized, starting with a committee consisting of: 

General Chairman: Clarence Lawson 

Major: Neal Barnett 

Crusade Community Visitors: Fred Barnett (captain), 

Frances Strom, Lillian Sexton, Bill Stanley, and David 

Wills. Elmer Lawson (captain), Everett Lawson, Charles 

Sawyer, Claude Stills, and Violet Wills. 
Crusade Director: Rev. Rollin P. Gibbs. 
Treasurer of the Building Fund: Dolman Gowan 
Church Treasurer: Everett Lawson 
Special Gifts Committee: Burlin Ricker (chairman), Charles 

Sawyer, David Wills, Mrs. Ruth Stills. 
Meals and Picnic Committee: Lucille Gowan (chairwoman), 

Katherine Harkleroad, Geneva Barnett, and Juanita 


With the groundwork laid and the organization in place, invi- 
tations were issued to the community. "This is a once-in-a-life- 
time Building Crusade," they read. "Come in time for Sunday 
School, bring a well-filled picnic basket and stay for lunch imme- 
diately following the close of worship service. At the close of the 
service everyone will be given the opportunity to indicate the part 
he will try to pay on the new church building." The motto read: 
"Building for the Present and for the Future of God's Kingdom." 
Clarence Lawson and Harry Sellers issued the invitation. 

On Sunday, June 23, 1963, the Rev. Gibbs arrived to speak 
to the Antioch congregation. At the end of the crusade a total of 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

$4,500 in pledges and $200 in cash had been raised. Those who 
made pledges were: Clarence Lawson, Arthur Lawson, Vance 
Ricker, Delbert Reed, Mrs. Luvine Shelton, Claude Sawyer, Mrs. 
James Strom, John Strom, Joseph Wakefield, Thomas Goode, 
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Gowan, Claude A. Gowan, Grover Gowan, 
Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens, Edward Frisbee, T. R. Etherton, 
Neal Barnett, Fred Barnett, Glen Brooks, Mrs. Howard Allen, 
and H. E. Harkleroad. 

Many people volunteered their labor. These persons were 
not only from Antioch and the surrounding community but all 
over Western North Carolina. In particular, those from the 
Western District Churches donated time, money, labor, and 
materials (there may have been others, but these were the ones 

Haywood Street Methodist 

Etowah Methodist 

Etowah Methodist 

Cummings Memorial 

Harold Bowling 
Odell Owens, Jr. 
Rev. J. B. Thomas 
C. L. Norris 

Glen Burnett 
William Holden 
Odell Owens 
Lloyd Williams 
Tom Holmes 
James Sprouse 
Robert Smith 
Edward Griffin 
Melvin Allison 
Harry J. Nicholson 
Walter Murphy 
Odell Lewis 
Willard Lewis 
S. R. Wilkie 

Mills River 


Built on Faith 


These men came 

Glen Brooks 
Arthurr Lawson 
Everett Lawson 
Eddie Holt 
Dolman Gowan 
Freddie Barnett 
Claude Stills 
Ronnie Caldwell 
Wayne Strom 
Joe Ball 
Charles Lawson 

from Antioch and surrounding communities: 

Luther Waddell 
Clarence Lawson 
Wayne Wills 
Vaughn Barnett 
Clyde Ricker 
Lewis Wills 
Gary Wills 
Ernest Sawyer 
Joe Sawyer 
Jim Sawyer 

Harry Sellers 
Elmer Lawson 
Fred Barnett 
Harley Church 
Clydes Swaney 
Sammy Barnett 
Neal Barnett 
William Gowan 
Bun Etherton 
Walter Sawyer 

As time passed and progress slowed, Rev. Sellers re- 
vealed his concern in a letter dated August 22, 1966. Will- 
iam Nesbit, of the District Office, expressed a similar senti- 
ment. He urged that those doing the rockwork finish before 
freezing weather arrived. Embree Blackard, District Super- 
intendent, summed things up in a letter to Rev. Sellers in 
November: "The District Mission Society is very much con- 
cerned with Antioch being so slow in completing the build- 
ing project/' Then he went on to issue a challenge. "If you 
will get busy immediately and finish the work, the District 
Society will make an additional contribution of $200 upon 
completion of the work." He instructed Rev. Sellers to dis- 
cuss it with the congregation. 

The church was very fortunate to have the leadership and 
dedication of Rev. Sellers. His years at Antioch required lots of 
hard work and many prayers to see the completion of the new 
building. But June of 1967 brought the District Conference and 
Sellers' transfer to Avery's Creek Methodist Church — his job at 
Antioch was finished. 

In his place God sent another hard working and dedicated 
leader, Rev. Donald Turman. He picked up where Rev. Sellers 

36 Antioch United Methodist Church 

left off, being faced early on with the same problem his many 
predecessors had faced: many needs and no money. The new 
building now needed new pews, and, after a meeting, he 
planned to get people in the church and community to donate 
a pew in honor of a beloved family member or friend. These 
are the resulting memorials: 

1. In honor of Wesley and Sue Church by Dennis and Clementine 


2. In memory of Thurman W. Reed by the Grant Reed Family. 

3. In memory of our wife and mother, Nita Lawson Church, by 

Ed Lawson and Lois Church Moore. 

4. In memory of V. L. Church by Allie Church, Nell Huff, and 

Virginia Anderson. 

5. In memory of B. Y. Owensby by his wife, Mrs. B. Y. Owensby. 

6. In memory of John Gorrell by his granddaughter, Fannie M. 


7. In loving memory of Major Cecil Brown, Salvation Army, by 

Sleepy Valley Community Development Club. 

8. In loving memory of the Rev. Edgar and Mae Clapp by Marie 

F. Osteen and Emma Kate O. Davis. 

9. In memory of our Father and Mother, Steve and Bessie Wills 

by their Children. 

10. In loving memory of my parents, George W. and Ada King 
Corbett, by Maude Corbett Waddell. 

11. In loving memory of my parents, Green Anderson and Betty 
Gorrell Waddell by George Ernest "Bill" Waddell. 

12. In memory of Bonnie Swaney (1909-1957) by the Swaney 

13. In memory of Ina Lawson by Lucille Gowan. 

14. In memory of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Lawson by Everette Lawson. 

15. In memory of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Lamb, from their daugh- 
ters, Maggie, Nannie Mae and Dorothy 

Built on Faith 37 

16. In memory of W. Zack and Isabel Lamb Barnett by Lee 

17. In honor of Fred and Hattie Barnett and Claude and Minnie 
Stills by Neal and Geneva Barnett. 

18. In memory of Rev. and Mrs. D. P. Lamb by the Fred Barnett 

19. The Antioch 4-H Club. 

20. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lawson. 

21. Mr. and Mrs. Burlin Ricker. 

Rev. Turman wanted to further involve young people in 
the church, so in 1967 he organized a Methodist Youth Fel- 
lowship group with young people from all three churches 
in the Hot Springs Charge. Some of those participating were 
Judy Swaney, Loretta Barnett, Victor Stills, Veronica Stills, 
Belinda Strom, Anthony Stills, Wade Strom, Dwaine Strom, 
Roger Swaney, Linda Swaney, Dwaine Webb, Freddie 
Barnett, Tommy Rathbone, Billy Webb, Betty Wood, Sammy 
Barnett, Wayne Wills, Lola Gosnell, Carolyn Wood, 
Emmalene Webb, and Lloyd Wills. 

During Rev. Turman's time, a dispute over property lines 
developed between Dewey Foster and the Church Trustees. 
In question was a fence built by Mr. Foster that the Trustees 
alleged to be on church property. A lawsuit followed, and 
after a survey the Antioch Church Trustees agreed to build a 
new 5-strand barbed wire fence on the surveyor's line while 
Mr. Foster agreed to tear down the fence he had built. In a 
letter to attorney E. L. Loftin, dated April 25, 1968, Rev. 
Turman wrote, "With the final agreement which you drew 
up, I don't think the church will ever again have trouble over 
the property lines. " 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

Lillian Sexton's Sunday School Class — 1960 

Pauline Wills Elmer Sexton Charles Lawson 

Lloyd Wills 

Carolyn Wills 
Jean Gosnell 
Girty Swaney 
Alene Swaney 
Eugene Wills 
Polly Ellison 
Kay Strom 

Wilma Reed 
Bernice Reed 
Christine Reed 
Ed Harris 
Ronnie Lawson 

Margie Harris 
Tommy Barnett 
Vaughn Barnett 
Wayne Strom 
Judy Strom 
Brenda Bergin 

Built on Faith 39 

Christmas 1962— "The World is in Bethlehem" 


Little Girl ~ Polly Ellison 

Little Boy ~ Sammy Barnett 

Mother ~ Lillian Sexton 

Joel ~ Vaughn Barnett 

Father ~ Tommy Barnett 

Uncle Laban ~ Wayne Strom 

Mary ~ Carolyn Wills 

Christmas Choir ~ Neal and Geneva Barnett, David Wills, 
Charles Sawyer, and Pauline Wills 

Christmas Music ~ Joy to the World, It Came upon a Mid- 
night Clear, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Little Town 
of Bethlehem, Silent Night 
Recitations were given by some of the younger children: 

Song of Praise ~ Shirley and Wayne Wills 

This Is the Time for Giving ~ Wade Strom 

No better Way ~ Linda Swaney 

A Perfect Friend ~ Loretta Barnett 

A Request ~ Karen and Sharon Foster 

Size Does Not Count ~ Roger Swaney, Randall Swaney and 
Anthony Stills 

There Is Love ~ Ronnie Caldwell 

If I could See Old Santa Clause ~ Sammy Barnett 

Within A Circle ~ Belinda Strom and Veronica Stills 

Love Gifts for Jesus ~ Judy Swaney and Shian Swaney 

On Fishing ~ Freddie Barnett, Timmy Strom and Victor Stills 


Antioch United Methodist Church 


. ..;. 




*\ w 


Dannie Robert? 

Julian Roberts 

Jeanette Lawson Nix and her children: Jennifer Hunter, 
Donnie Roberts, Julian Roberts, Warren Nix 



The 1970s continued Antioch's tradition of hard work and 
sacrifice. With a new church and new pews, our story contin- 
ues under the leadership of Rev. Baxter Proffitt. 

Information during this time is scarce, but we know Rev. 
Proffitt had a wife and children, and lived in the church par- 
sonage in Hot Springs. Mrs. Proffitt, a seamstress, had a mate- 
rials shop in the basement. Rev. Proffitt was a fix-it person, and 
helped folks keep their lawn mowers, garden tillers, and chain 
saws in working order. This not only gave the family a little 
extra income, but more importantly provided the minister and 
his wife a chance to minister to the community. The Proffitts 
are still remembered fondly. 

The Reverend Baxter 
Proffitt visiting in the 

home of 
Nannie and Clarence 

Law son 

42 Antioch United Methodist Church 

The next few years brought pastors with their own sets of 
personal problems and controversies, leaving the church in a 
bit of a turmoil. The Conference sent Rev. William Haselden in 
1978 to try to repair the damage and reunite the community. 

Rev. Haselden worked hard as the church participated in the 
3rd Saturday-night community sings, Vacation Bible School, and 
a trip to Six Flags in Atlanta, GA. In the fall there were hayrides, 
when Neal Barnett borrowed his dad, Fred's, tractor and wagon. 
Sometimes the ride would continue through "the field " and Up- 
per Shut-In to Bonnie Hill Salvation Army Church where mem- 
bers roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. On the way back, with 
stomachs full and spirits high, they lifted their voices in song. These 
were wonderful times to share in God's love together. 

During Rev. Haselden's time there were revivals. There were 
two in 1980, for example, one in February and one in Septem- 
ber, with the Rev. Arlin Freshour holding the services. 

Homecoming at Antioch is always a grand affair. In his 
notes the Rev. Haselden discusses the 1980 service, which 
began on Saturday evening with the Believers Quartet pro- 
viding the special music. On Sunday Rev. Freshour came 
back to deliver the message. "Dinner on the Ground" got 
special mention, as tables and chairs were carried out under 
the giant shade trees and all the ladies brought covered 
dishes. There was plenty of food, and the afternoon vibrated 
with gospel music as the Evangel Quartet led everyone in 
praise of the Father. 

By this time, Fred Barnett was Sunday School Superinten- 
dent and Geneva Barnett had taken over the church treasury 
from Linda Parks Watts, who decided that she didn't have the 
time it required. Church Trustees were Clarence Lawson, 
Everett Lawson, and Fred Barnett. 

Here is the mid-1970s Sunday school class roll: 

Hattie Barnett Frances Wills Helen Gosnell 

Ethel Harkleroad Judy Holt Kate Ricker 

Mary Ruth Suttles Louise Lawson Bernice Wills 

Built on Faith 


Fred Barnejt 
Edna Fay Webb 
Clarence Lawson 
Loretta Barnett 
Fannie Mae Tino 
Michael Gentry 
Sheila Webb 
Ovella Swaney 
Hazel Waddell 
Melva Sexton 
Eddie Holt 
James Lawson 
Donna Barnett 
Melissa Tino 
Scott Ricker 
Miranda Suttles 
Shelby Jean Tino 
Cynthia Shannon 
Mary Webb 
Max Osteen 
Dolman Gowan 
Belinda Strom 
Julie Tino 
Jamie Lawson 
Violet Wills 
Hazel Swaney 
Marie Osteen 
Claude Stills 
Gary Suttles 
Jimmy Barnett 
Sherry Maynard 
Karol Kennedy 
Clayton Gosnell 

Larry Joe Strickland 
David Wills 
Timmy Strom 
Alma Stills 
Toni Swaney 
Cathy Ricker 
David Shannon 
Cleo Swaney 
Lucille Gowan 
Jeanette Shannon 
Gerdine Gentry 
Bruce Chandler 
Lola Gosnell 
Brent Stills 
Billy Joe Ellison 
Willie Shannon 
Verner Wills 
Shian Lamb 
Bertha Wills 
Roger Whitson 
Joe Shipley 
Delmar Swaney 
Jimmy Ellison 
Sammy Barnett 
Carolyn Gentry 
Geneva Strom 
Geneva Barnett 
Hunter Tino 
Junior Lamb 
Debbie Strom 
Donna Strom 
Wade Strom 

Mary Ruth Swaney 
Virgil Foster 
Linda Parks 
Stevie Strom 
Lynn Shannon 
Dwaine Strom 
Frances Strom 
Ruby Church 
Wanda Strickland 
Ron Lickliter 
Donnie Strom 
Reggie Watts 
Patricia Ellison 
Lisa Carter 
Roger Ricker 
Maude Wills 
Kate Church 
Isabel Maynard 
Neal Barnett 
Berlin Ricker 
Nora Lee Parks 
Diane Wills 
Dale Gentry 
Darrell Ricker 
Aileen Reed 
Kay Chandler 
Winnie Broglin 
Jerry Shannon 
Eugene Wills 
Nathan Tino 
Jimmy Shannon 
Vickie Wills 

44 Antioch United Methodist Church 

The year 1981 brought the Rev. Harry Wing. Rev. Wing 
worked on his education while serving as full-time pastor 
to the three Hot Springs churches. In 1983 he wrote, " Antioch 
Church is holding its own as far as attendance and program 
is concerned. The past year we have had a week of revival 
meetings, with many people coming to the altar to rededi- 
cate their lives and to confess misdeeds and seek forgive- 
ness from the Lord." He added, "We have taken in two new 
members by profession of faith and have baptized both." 

Apparently, many of Rev. Wing's daylight hours were spent 
visiting the sick and shut-in in the community. In his summa- 
tion he stated that the future of Antioch Church would remain 
at the same level, unless there was a great influx of people 
wanting to be part of the church family. 

Bob Miller was the next leader, and again information is 
scarce. Miller was a young pastor with a family, and made 
several entries in the membership book as he brought it up 
to date. 

Wyllene Skipper came to Antioch from the Salvation Army 
Church. She joined the Methodist Church and became the adult 
Sunday School teacher. "Ms. Skipper," as she was known, was 
a talented person who could sing and play the piano, besides 
knowing a lot about the Bible. She was a great asset, always 
willing to work hard and jump into projects. In 1986 she be- 
came the new pastor. 

Rev. Skipper worked to be a good leader, visiting folks at 
home, in the tomato field, or wherever she ran into them. She 
always took the opportunity to witness her faith. 

Around the same time Leslie Broglin began to play piano. 
Rev. Skipper always encouraged her and helped organize a 
group of young people (as well as adults) to go to area churches 
on the 3rd Saturday night to sing. 

Rev. Skipper also helped the young people raise money for 
trips. On one occasion she borrowed Wayne Broglin's van to 
take a group to Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh — the 

Built on Faith 45 

first time that most in the group had visited their state capitol. 
They also visited the Planetarium to see the Christmas Stars. 
On another occasion, she led a group to her brother's vacation 
camp in Georgetown, SC, where they stayed a week at no ex- 
pense. This included tours of Charleston and Myrtle Beach — 
another first for many of the kids. The last trip was to Nash- 
ville, TN and the Grand Ole Opry. 

Rev. Skipper had two good years and then things fell 
apart. To quote from her State of the Church account, "The 
past year at Antioch has been a mixture of joys and sorrows, 
but I shall not dwell on the unpleasantries. ,/ She talks about 
her successes with church membership, youth, and commu- 
nity service, concluding, "The spiritual condition of Antioch 
seems to be at a low ebb at the present time, but I feel that 
we can turn the situation around by not dwelling on the past, 
[uniting] ourselves in love for one another, and [working] 
toward a brighter future/ 7 

Rev. Rosco Garris and his wife Vera arrived in 1989. Garris, 
a retired chaplain from the Veteran's Hospital, was very per- 
sonable. He and Vera spent weekends in the parsonage. Satur- 
day morning was visiting time, as they faithfully visited the 
elderly and sick people in the community. Garris added sev- 
eral names to the membership roll and conducted baptisms in 
the French Broad River. 

About this time Fred Barnett became ill and could no 
longer serve as Sunday School Superintendent. John Lamb, 
Jr., was elected to take his place. He worked hard during his 
time, making improvements to the church and inviting 
people to worship. 

After "Junior" resigned as Superintendent, members elected 
Neal Barnett. Neal, a wonderful song leader, had a voice that 
could pitch a song so well that the congregation could sing 
whether there was music or not. 

In the 1990s Jimmy Barnett married Donna Glisson, who 
began attending our church. She had spent time studying God's 

46 Antioch United Methodist Church 

word and graciously consented to teach the adult Sunday School 
class. As a schoolteacher, she brought organization to the class, 
working hard to get everyone to share in the lesson. She was 
also an accomplished singer. 

In the middle of 1994 the Conference decided to move Rev. 
Garris. The Conference assigned John Roby for a short time, 
then Rev. Elgin Nichols, another retired minister, served until 
the District Conference met in June. 

July 1995 brought Willis Pruett, Antioch's most recent pas- 
tor. He served as a lay speaker in his home church before be- 
coming a local pastor and being assigned to Antioch. Will owns 
a computer company, and came with a strong business sense 
as well as a desire to spread God's word. He helped acquire 
grants to put a new roof on the building and dig a new well. 

As Antioch has always lacked for finances, Frances Strom 
and Isabel Maynard decided to open a rummage sale in their 
dad's vacant store building. The community has been very 
supportive, donating merchandise as well as shopping there. 
Other groups and organizations also donate items; the Se- 
nior Center in White Pine, TN, has been a big contributor. 
Frances is a master of homemade fudge, and customers look 
forward to buying it as much as they look forward to find- 
ing treasures. (Over time this rummage sale has become 
known as "Rummy World.") 

Marie Lawson has also helped raise money. As a great or- 
ganizer, people say, "Yes" to her requests whether they really 
want to help or not. On most "Rummy World" days, Marie 
and her crew (Amanda Cutshall, Geneva Barnett, Jeanette Nix, 
Violet Wills, and Winnie Broglin) offer what have become 
known as "the best church hot dogs around." 

There was no official superintendent for some time after 
Neal Barnett's unexpected death. His son Jimmy would start 
each service, and later Eugene Lawson served for a year. When 
Jimmy and Donna moved from the community, Antioch was 
left with no official leader and no adult Sunday School teacher. 

Built on Faith 


But once again, God blessed the church with capable 
people willing to work and serve wherever there was a need. 
Isabel Maynard unofficially assumed the role of superinten- 
dent, and Marie Lawson (who had taught teenagers' Sunday 
School with Diane Barnett) took over the adult Sunday 
School. She uses a study guide as reference material, but 
teaches straight from the "Word of God." This has been a 
great incentive for those who have not always been diligent 
in reading the Bible. Marie's teaching style has inspired 
members to spend more time in reading and prayerful medi- 
tation, discerning for themselves what "Thus saith the Lord" 
in order to discuss it with her in class. 

The church has been without a regular piano player ever since 
Leslie Broglin married and moved out of the community. Later it 
was revealed that her sister Shelly could play also — a secret well- 
kept, even from her mother. Shelly provided music when she was 
home from college, especially during the summer months. 

Antioch is also blessed 
to have Sherry Frisbee in its 
midst. Sherry prepares a fi- 
nancial report each month, 
so that anyone interested 
may see how much money 
we have and how it is being 
spent. She has also con- 
ducted the Christmas play 
for the last several years, 
handling everything from 
choosing the play to orga- 
nizing the practices. 

Antioch United Methodist Church 

Rev. Pruett's Farewell Letter 

Along The Way 
Philippians 1:3-11 
Dear Friends: 

I never dreamed when I was appointed to the Madison Charge 
on July 1, 1995 as a Methodist Minister what was in store! What 
a blessed (& challenging) seven years I have had — more blessed 
than challenging! You welcomed me into your church families & 
you welcomed me into your hearts. For that 1 will be ever grateful 

I came here as your Pastor & was content to remain that way, 
but God does not allow us to soak in our comfort zones for long. 
Thank you for supporting me as I was faithful to God's call to 
move in different areas of ministry. It is hard to believe where he 
has led me — I could not have done it had it not been for so many of 
you who prayed, supported, and loved me along the way. 

My memories of my time on the Charge are rich & I am 
grateful. My prayer upon arriving was that I be a witness to 
God & a blessing to others. I believe that was turned around - 
as YOU witnessed to me & blessed me mightily! I can only 
humbly pray that I was able to witness to you & touch your 
lives in some small way. 

I do ask that you forgive me for the tilings I may have let you 
down on or the things that didn't go as you had hoped they might 
have. My prayer is for the ability to learn from the past & apply 
that to the future — including receiving one another's blessing, for- 
giveness, & affirmation to forge ahead in the direction God leads. 

The four UMC's are/were wonderful churches — each a great 
place to be a part of the family of God. I am grateful for the oppor- 
tunity to have been among you & to have been a part of your 
families. THANK YOU for allowing me to be a small part of your 
lives these past seven years. May God bless you and keep you as 
you continue to be faithful to His calling for each church. Please 
continue to pray for me, just as I will continue to pray for you. I 
celebrate having been among you — / will miss you, but will move 
on & be faithful to the calling God has placed in my life. I love you 
& pray God's blessings upon you. 

-Rev Will Pruett 



In October 2001, Isabel Maynard officially accepted the 
title of Superintendent, and she and Jeanette Nix are serving 
as song leaders. Isabel's granddaughters, Sierra and Ariel 
Frisbee, have also taken active roles — Sierra by learning pi- 
ano and providing music, and Ariel by faithfully leading the 
responsive readings. Geneva Barnett teaches the children's 
class, and Diane Barnett teaches the young people. Delmar 
Swaney and Vickie Wills English keep the secretaries report 
and take the offering each Sunday. 

Will Pruett served faithfully for seven years, until January 
2002 brought serious illness. Will had two valves replaced in 
his heart, and will con- 
tinue to need our prayers 
as he recovers. He offi- 
cially transferred to an 
Asheville church (closer to 
his home) in July 2002. 

Antioch is now on the 
threshold of another tran- 
sition. A new District Su- 
perintendent has taken 
an interest in us, feeling 
that we have the poten- 
tial to grow in numbers 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

as well as spirit. She has been providing a guest pastor each 
Sunday, though we are also fortunate to have Randy Wood 
living in our community. He is a committed Christian who 
has led several services, with numbers seeming to grow each 
time he speaks. Has God sent this person to lead us, Mrs. 

These are the faithful people who still attend services at Antioch: 

Frances Barnett 
Jeanette Nix 
Lynn Frisbee 
Ariel Frisbee 
Delmar Swaney 
Larry Patterson 
Amanda Cutshall 
Frances Wills 
Carolyn Gentry 
Vickie English 
Marvin Haggins 
David Lawson 
Jim Wrenn 
Barbara Wrenn 
Missy Wood 
Colby Wood 
Chance Hunter 
Felicia Moore 

Isabel Maynard 
Warren Nix 
Sherry Frisbee 
Geneva Barnett 
Ovella Swaney 
Toni Patterson 
Violet Wills 
Crystal Brown 
Jamie Brown 
Eugene Lawson 
Ira Adams 
April Adams 
Hardin Wrenn 
Judy Wrenn 
Randy Wood 
Jennifer Hunter 
Sarah Stribbling 

Winnie Broglin 
Shelly Broglin 
Sierra Frisbee 
Freddie Barnett 
Diane Barnett 
Shian Lamb 
Cassie Lamb 
Marcie Lamb 
Lewis Gosnell 
Marie Lawson 
Margarett Ann Haggins 
Gary Suttles 
Mary Ruth Suttles 
Donna Barnett 
Justin Wood 
Tucker Hunter 
Tracey Moore 

Sunday morning worship service has an average of 
twenty on most Sundays, and our numbers are growing. As 
of July, 2002 Randy Wood is our lay speaker each Sunday 
morning. God is good to us! 



52 Antioch United Methodist Church 


The men sat in the front and women in the back. 

Elizabeth Lamb joined Antioch Church and continued to 

support the church through her tithes, even after she moved 

from the community, until she passed away. 

Lucille Gowan is the oldest living member today — she 

joined the church in 1922. 

Men's and women's Sunday school classes were separated. 

Going to Bonnie Hill for the Christmas play. The Salvation 

Army gave all children a Christmas gift. 

Tent revivals in the churchyard. 

Softball games on Sunday afternoon. 

Homecoming, all day singings and dinner on the ground. 

Can you hear the church bell ring? 

Hattie Barnett teaching, singing and praying. 

Easter egg hunts on the church lawn the Saturday before 


Hayrides and wiener roasts, sometimes with Neal Barnett 

driving Fred's tractor, sometimes with Murmon Holt and 

his tractor going to Bonnie Hill church in Upper Shut-in. 

Eugene Wills coming home from the army. He had a CAR! 

Sawyer Family Singers with Dorothy at the piano. 

Vinnie Sawyer kept the Secretary's report. 

Working to raise money and the manual labor to build our 

new church building. 

Built on Faith 53 

Frances Strom staining the ceilings in the new class rooms. 

Can you hear Claude Stills pray? 

Going to the third Saturday night sings, especially at Bonnie 

Hill in the old log church with their wood burning stove. 

The Barnett Trio: Isabel, Fred, and Neal sang; Mattie Ray 

Lawson played the piano 

Stevie Strom playing the piano. 

Shopping at Hattie Barnett's rummage sale in her basement. 

Fred, Neal, and Geneva Barnett singing and Eugene Lawson 

playing the guitar. 

Ron Lickliter playing the piano, teaching and organizing 

the Christmas program 'The Singing Christmas Tree." 

Loretta Barnett playing the piano. 

The Christmas play on Christmas Eve. Fred Barnett making 

sure everyone had a treat "poke" to take home. 

Verner Wills teaching the young people's Sunday school 


4-H sponsored by Neal and Geneva Barnett. 

Roller skating and bowling in Newport, TN. 

Bake sales and hot dog sales to raise money for something 

Hiking on the Appalachian Trail from Rich Mountain or 
Mills Ridge. 

Pauline Stills keeping the secretary's book. 
Eugene Wills, Dolmon Gowan and Clydes Swaney sat on 
the second pew from the front. 

Eugene Wills would request to sing "Jesus Hold My Hand." 
Minnie Green teaching and praying. 

Fred Barnett always wanted Sunday School to start at ex- 
actly ten o'clock. He was also ready to go home by noon. 
David Wills, Junior Lamb, Clydes Swaney and Dolmon 
Gowan refinished the old piano. 

54 Antioch United Methodist Church 

• Singing "I'll Fly Away," "Heaven's Jubilee," and "Victory 
In Jesus." 

• Wyllene Skipper teaching and preaching and admonishing 
everyone to "Read your Bible so that you may discern for 
yourself what . . . thus saith the Lord." 

• David and Fran Wills taking care of the flower fund and 
sending flowers when someone was sick or passed away. 

• Can you hear Geneva Barnett pray? 

Stephanie Swaney loved to sing "On the Jericho Road." 

• Can you hear Neal Barnett's deep rich voice singing? 

• David Wills loved music and singing. 

• Ms. Skipper's youth group: Brent Stills, Brian Chandler, B.J. 
Chandler, Chris Sams, Heather Sams, Leslie Broglin, Shelly 
Broglin, April Adams, Ira Adams. These folks had Bible 
study together and went to area churches to sing. 

Ariel Frisbee singing "Amazing Grace." 

• Vickie Wills English has not missed a Sunday in thirty-six 
years, from the time she was seven years old. 

Built on Faith 



Children 1st row: Donna Strom, Stevie Strom, Nathan lino, 

Jimmy Barnett, , , Dale Gentry, 

Delmar Swaney, Fannie Mae Tino 

2nd row: Patsy Swaney, Veronica Stills, Shian Swaney, 

Loretta Barnett, Belinda Strom, , Nora Fee Parks, 

Shirley Wills, Donna Barnett 

Adults 3rd row: Diane Wills, Alene Reed, Ethel Harkleroad, 

Ovella Swaney, Geneva Barnett, Shelby Jean Fino, 

Fred Barnett, Alonz.o Wills, Bud Law son, David Wills 

4th row: Cleo Swaney, , , 

56 Antioch United Methodist Church 

Antioch Traditions 

by Winnie Broglin 

For many years, the first Sunday in June has been the time 
to decorate the graves at Antioch Cemetery. Past years would 
find a crowd of people gathered to put flowers on the graves of 
loved ones, to visit with each other, and to listen to a message 
and special singing. Now, as with many older traditions, these 
gatherings have dwindled as people bring their flowers on Sat- 
urday afternoon without returning on Sunday. 

Another gathering day is the second Sunday in September, 
when Antioch Homecoming is held. This used to be an entire 
weekend celebration with special singing and preaching, but 
is now limited to Sunday. On this day we have special music 
during the worship hour and a covered dish lunch on the 
grounds under the big shade trees. 

There is plenty of planning and cooking on the days before 
Homecoming Sunday. Some folks have created a tradition with 
the foods that they prepare. People look forward to Isabel 
Maynard's venison barbeque and her pound cake, Glen 
Barnett's lasagna, and Frances Strom's homemade chocolate 
pies. Mike Maynard and Vaughn Barnett always bring cold 
drinks, and homecoming would not be the same without Ann 
Strom's yeast rolls. 

These are things you can anticipate if you come to this year's 
homecoming, but memories of the past still linger near. I could 
not write about the food at homecoming and not remember my 
Aunt Maude Wills and her chicken and dumplings. Aunt 
Maude kept chickens in her yard, and several weeks before the 

Built on Faith 


appointed day she would begin surveying the area for the nic- 
esband fattest hen. Once she had chosen a particular chicken, 
its fate was sealed. Everyone looked forward to her dumplings- 
especially the Waddell men, as they would ask about them just 
to be sure they were still on the menu. 

Aunt Maude passed away in 1998. We will always remem- 
ber her chicken and dumplings at homecoming, but she will be 
remembered most as a person who strived to live a life pleas- 
ing to God. 

Maude Briggs Wills 

06-13-1909 ~ 03-19-1998 

58 Antioch United Methodist Church 

Christmas in a Country 

When memories of past Christmases flood my soul, my 
thoughts go back to the church I attended when I was growing 
up. It was a small, white Methodist church nestled among a 
grove of age-old oak trees. There was a steeple which housed a 
bell that rang out on Sunday. 

People entered the sanctuary by wide, steep steps that had 
handrails for older people to hold onto. Youngsters, who were 
always in a hurry to go home, could mount at the top and slide 
down. Double doors led into one large room with about six- 
teen long benches. These had once been polished and pretty, 
but had been worn slick by so much sliding in and out on dur- 
ing years of use. A raised altar was circled by a communion 
rail. On the lectern was a large open Bible from which the scrip- 
ture lessons were read. 

This brings to mind a verse from the book of Luke that was 
a favorite of my Uncle Charlie, who was the Sunday school su- 
perintendent for many years. It read: 'Tear not, little flock; for 
it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." 
Somehow, I still find these words comforting. 

This was the church that had served four generations of my 
family-baptisms through last rites. It was a place I loved and 
served until I was about eighteen and left home to go to school. 
So, it was natural that when Christmas came I would be involved 
in all the goings-on. My oldest sister, Ina, always seemed to get 

Built on Faith 59 

the job of preparing a program, and where she was involved, it 
wa£ my pleasure to help. 

Around the first Sunday in December, classes drew names 
for a gift exchange. Every child who wanted to participate in 
the church Christmas program was invited to do so. This meant 
that every Saturday there were rehearsals. The adults usually 
put on a skit, too. For practice, we met in homes, making it a 
social event. This was more enjoyable for the young adults if a 
favorite beau happened to be involved in the program. 

Decorating the church was a big job. Ina and some friends 
and I would gather galax, pine, and holly, making a wreath for 
each of the tall windows in the church. Since we didn't have 
electricity, all the lamps had to be filled with oil and their globes 
washed. They looked so pretty with their shiny, tin reflectors 
and filled the church with a soft, shimmering light. This scene 
is permanently engraved in my memory. 

As if we didn't have enough to do, a goody bag was filled 
for each member of our Sunday school, plus extras for any chil- 
dren who might show up. Each bag contained an orange, and 
apple, stick candy, chocolate drops, and a few nuts. As I look 
back on this, I know we prepared treats for children who might 
not have had anything otherwise. 

By Christmas Eve, the church was toasty warm from the big 
pot-bellied wood-burning stove that stood up front. Those who 
were in the program came early to get dressed for their part. 
Since we didn't have permanent curtains, a wire was stretched 
across the room and a curtain was made from sheets. We also 
made costumes from old sheets for our littlest angels, trimming 
them with tinsel. With a halo, they did look pretty angelic. 

On the program, the children always sang " Away in a Man- 
ger" as they gathered around a nativity scene. The congrega- 
tion ended the program by singing "Silent Night." The chil- 
dren could hardly wait to get their gifts and treats. What a joy 
this was for those of us who had worked so hard to make this 
night special. 

60 Antioch United Methodist Church 

I must not forget decorating the tree for all this pageantry. 
Men from the church went out and cut the biggest cedar tree 
they could find. A tree- top star was made from cardboard, cov- 
ered with tinfoil and edged with tinsel. Year after year the same 
two-inch green and red paper roping was woven in and out 
among the branches. Other decorations were icicles, strings of 
popcorn and tinsel. Since we had no electricity for lights, these 
things had to do. We liked it just as much as if it had been the 
best-decorated tree in the world. 

There is a closeness that comes from working in the church 
that binds people in a community together, perhaps as nothing 
else could do. More than this, it conditions the memory never 
to forget the things that are most important to us throughout 
our lifetime. 

These are memories from the past that I choose to recall 
because the church I have described has been torn down and 
replaced by a larger, modern, brick church. 

I have gone back to this church a few times when I was home 
to visit my two remaining sisters, but it will never be the same 
as I remember from my childhood when everything seemed 
bigger and better than it really was. 

Contributed by Alma Campbell 

Built on Faith 61 

A Remembrance 

I started going to Antioch Church over fifty years ago. I 
moved to North Carolina on November 18, 1947, when I was 
eleven years old. The evening we moved into our new home I 
met Jack Shipley. On Saturday evening, November 21, his 
daughters Ruby, Ada Mae, and Louise came to visit. They in- 
vited me to come to their church on Sunday morning. 

Sunday morning, November 22, 1947 was the first time I 
attended Antioch Church. That was a long time ago. This was 
before the new church was built and services were held in the 
old white church building. 

I have raised four children in Antioch and three of them still 
attend. I have grandchildren and a great grandchild who also 
go to Antioch. We have been blessed to live to see the new 
church built so that we have a beautiful place to worship. 

Contributed by Ovella Green Swaney 

62 Antioch United Methodist Church 

A Tribute to Charles 
Thomas Lawson 

Charles Thomas Lawson (Uncle Charlie or Chirp) was a very 
religious man. I never knew him, only the things I heard about 
him. He served as Sunday School Superintendent at Antioch Meth- 
odist Church for thirty-six years. This speaks for itself. This was in 
the days when a man was considered a good man by the way he 
lived his everyday life, not by how much money he had. Popular- 
ity wasn't the issue at all. The members thought that he was the 
man who could and would do the job with sincerity. 

Like many others, he farmed to make a living and depended 
on God. He knew pain, grief and sorrow. Life was not easy in 
his day, and he lost a son and two granddaughters. He had a 
good head for business and handled his affairs well. I'm sure 
he had people who didn't like him, but that is a fact of life that 
we all deal with. He was a man who prayed and wasn't 
ashamed of it. The family members can all vouch for this. I have 
never heard anything other than he was a very good man who 
served his God and loved Him. 

One day as he was riding home on his mule, it was spooked 
by a turtle and threw him, catching his foot in the trace chains. 
He was dragged to death before the mule could be stopped. 
He now rests in peace with the God whom he served and is 
through with the troubles of this life. 

Today, there are very few men around like him. He prayed 
and gave thanks for his food. Many people are ashamed to bow 
their head and say Grace before they eat a meal. I wish there 
were more people around today like Uncle Charlie. It would 
make a difference. 

Contributed by Harold Miller 

Built on Faith 63 

A Memory of 
Lee Paige Barnett 

Lee Paige Barnett was born in 1901 at Paint Rock, Madison 
County North Carolina. He was one of several children born to 
Zack and Isabel Lamb Barnett. Lee was educated in the small 
community school, Walnut High School (at that time a boy's 
home), Weaverville College and finally received his doctors' 
degree from Duke Divinity. Education was very important to 
him and he used every opportunity to encourage young people 
to continue their education. 

At an early age Uncle Lee gave his heart and his life to 
Christ, his desire being to become a minister. He achieved 
his goal and became pastor of several Methodist Churches. 
He never lost his love for his home church family and proved 
to be instrumental in securing funds in the building of the 
new Antioch Church. Uncle Lee always made it a point to 
come home in September for the annual church homecom- 
ing. He always spoke to the congregation of God's love for 
us and encouraged us to keep the faith and to continue in 
our work for Christ. 

I spent time talking with Uncle Lee, seeking his guidance 
and wisdom about faith and spiritual concerns. He always told 
me that different people will have different views concerning 
their personal walk with Christ. He always said, "Let your con- 
scious be your guide, but keep in mind that you can condition 
that conscious/' 

Uncle Lee passed away in October 1993, but September saw 
him at Antioch Homecoming still striving to build up his first 
church family. 

Contributed by Isabel Maynard 

64 Antioch United Methodist Church 

In Memory and Honor of My Parents: 

Fred and Hattie Barnett 

My father and mother always worked at Antioch United 
Methodist Church. Mother taught Sunday School classes for 
small children and adult women until she could no longer come 
to church. 

Daddy was Sunday School Superintendent for thirty years 
until he lost his health and he had to retire. 

I remember when the old church was torn down and the 
bell had to be removed. Mother was very concerned because 
we had no bell on the new church. She started a yard sale in her 
basement until she had enough money to hire someone to build 
a bell tower and put the bell back up. Now everyone could 
hear the bell ring once again on Sunday mornings. 

I joined the church when I was ten years old in 1937 and I 
am still faithful to God and the church. Like my mother, my 
sister and I are still selling things for the church at what has 
become known as "Rummy World." 

Contributed by Frances Barnett Strom 

Built on Faith 65 

A Tribute to Clarence 

Clarence Lawson was the kind of man who lived his religion 
every day. His God and family came first in his life. He worked 
hard and long hours in a time when there was little money to be 
had. He was a skilled carpenter and stone mason who built many 
homes and other buildings that are still standing today, such as 
the Salvation Army Church, a local store, and the jail in Hot Springs. 

Clarence was a kind and gentle person with adults, chil- 
dren and his animals. He knew how to doctor them if they 
needed care. When his horse got out, all he had to do was 
whistle and the horse would come running to him. Clarence 
made a big impression on my life at a very early age. He made 
visitors welcome in his home. If they stayed for a meal he would 
always ask the Lord's blessing before anyone ate. 

In my eyes, Clarence was a role model; I wanted to be like 
him. All the children loved him. He had a lot of influence on 
the lives of those around him. He always went to church and 
didn't speak against other people, regardless of how they lived. 

Good gospel music was one of his favorite things in life. He 
sang in the family quartet, and he was a good musician and singer 
himself. He had a way of mixing a little fun in the hard work, 
telling about funny things that happened. I think this world would 
be a better place today if there were more people like him. 

Contributed by Harold Miller 
The Lawson Family 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

In Memory of: 

Walter & Martha Sawyer 
Claude & Dorothy Sawyer 

The memory I hold dear about Mom and Dad is that they 
both loved and served the Lord. They sat up with the sick in 
the community and helped out any way that they could. Their 
son and daughter-in-law, Claude and Dorothy, were well 
known in the community for their singing at funerals. They 
never turned anyone down who asked them to sing. To me, 
Walter, Martha, Claude, and Dorothy were four special people 
whom I loved very dearly. 

Contributed by Vinnie Sawyer Ball 

Walter and Martha Sawyer 

Claude and Dorothy Sawyer 

Built on Faith 67 

In Memory of My Father-in-Law: 

Neal Barnett 

I want to thank God for putting Neal in my life. He helped 
guide me over the years and helped me grow in my walk with 
the Lord. Listening to him talk about his life growing up, watch- 
ing his family in their everyday lives, and seeing how strong 
they were in their walk with God was an inspiration to me as a 
new Christian. I hope he knew what he meant to me, and how 
much I admired and respected him. I think of him often during 
my days and miss him very much. He is loved very deeply. 

Contributed by Diana Barnett 

68 Antioch United Methodist Church 

In Memory of My Grandparents: 

Clifford & Minnie Ellison Green 

May 26, 1908-December 14, 1994 April 20, 1920-April 14, 2000 

Mamaw and Papaw were the foundation of my faith. My faith 
is a gift from God, but my understanding began with Mamaw and 
Papaw. My Mamaw told me the day she and Papaw got married 
they started their life together down on their knees in prayer. 

As a child, I spent lots of nights in their home. You always 
knew when it was bedtime because you could hear Mamaw 
and Papaw lifting up praises and prayers to God. They prayed 
for their family daily. They worked hard and lived a modest 
life, but their door was always open to share God and a meal 
with you. The last words Mamaw spoke were to Jesus. We will 
miss her to talk with, but the example she left for us lives on. 
We know that through our faith in Jesus and forgiveness of sins 
we will one day see them again. 

Thank you God for my grandparents. They did a good job 
here and I know their reward is Heaven. Let's keep the family 
tradition going by praying for one another daily. 

Contributed by Shian Swaney Lamb 

Clifford and Minnie 

celebrating their 

fiftieth wedding 


Built on Faith 69 

Gospel Singing Now Growing in East 
Tennessee and Western North Carolina 

Sunday afternoon, April 13 was very beautiful and the 
Antioch Church near Hot Springs was well filled; and to our 
surprise about half of the attendance were teenagers. Not only 
did they sing in a class, but sang in quartets and duets. Yes, we 
believe that more and more young folks are getting interested 
in Gospel Singing. 

The conventions present were Cocke County, TN., sing- 
ers from the Smokey Mountain Convention, Sevier County 
Convention, Bogard and Green County, Union Singing Con- 
vention and West Madison, NC, where the singing was held. 
Singings are a lot like the Armed Forces — one branch of ser- 
vice or one church cannot do much by itself, but combine 
them and see the force you get! We will have to admit that 
there was a higher number of teenagers at this convention 
than have been at any others. 

Rev. Ray Woodby, pastor of the Church of God near there 
is the president and took charge of the singing. He kept it go- 
ing as fast as possible, but was unable to get all request num- 
bers on the two hours. Before this year, they could finish in one 
and one-half hours. The service began with a prayer by Rev. 
Pat Davis. Song leaders were Thilmon Gregg, Horace McCarter, 
Carl McCarter, Wilber Bradley, Ernest Byrd, Fletcher Ford, 
Newton Ogle, and Burlson McGaha, the Barnett trio, NC; Saw- 
yer Duet, NC; Rev. Pat Davis and choir from Pine Springs, Green 
County, TN., the Cocke County quartet, Rev. Ray Woody sang 
a solo and played his accordion. The Smokey Mountain quar- 

70 Antioch United Methodist Church 

tet with Bill Finchum, Isabel Barnett, Carl McGaha and Ernest 
Byrd. The Rev. Mr. Clapp sang a solo and accompanied him- 
self on the piano. 

If sickness is in the home, as it is at Mr. and Mrs. Bruce 
Wilson's, two of the Cocke County Quartet, members of the 
other conventions will fill-in for them. Miss Isabel Barnett, an 
alto singer, sang in most of the quartets, as her part was miss- 
ing and it's worth a trip to hear this young lady, yet a teenager, 
sing. One man, Mr. Newton Ogle, came from Gatlinburg and is 
one of out best leaders. It shows how far people will come to 
enjoy an afternoon of fine singing. The Rev. Mr. Clapp closed 
the convention with a prayer. 

Contributed by Mrs. Harlan Butler 

to the Plain Talk & Tribune 

Newport TN 1958 

Built on Faith 




SOUTH— 1800s 

* Denotes missing date 


David P. Lamb 

J. Frank Richmond 


Elizabeth Wells 

Elizabeth Seism 


Francis M. Wells 

M. M. Lamb 


Mary Lawson 

Jenney D. Richmond 


Susan Lawson 

M. G. Hipps 


John A. Gorrell 

J. A. Lamb 

Jane D. Gorrell 


J. A. Ray 


William R. Ray 

Harriett E. Ray 

Nannie A. Ray 

Sarah J. Lamb 


George F. Wells 

Julie Green 

Lewis Click 

Mrs. M. E. Good 

Sarah Click 

Nannie E. Sloop 

James A. Lamb 

A. W. Freshour 

Elizabeth Lamb 

Susan A. Sanders 


Henry V. Lawson 

Willy L. Ray 

David Click 

A. E. Ray 

* Daniel Click 


Lillie L. Seism 

Zack W. Morris 

Bessie A. Wells 

Mary M. Lamb 

Laura A. Wells Gardiner 

Emma Harkleroad 

* T. A. Gorrell 

Benjamin F. Lamb 

Laura Sigmond 

Mary J. Chockley 


Josephene Blackwell 

* Ed Chockley 

Altha W. Freshour 


John A. Church 

Zack Blackwell 

Sarah Garrett 


Catherine E. Church 

Sarah Lackey 


* Lizzie Williams 

Bettie J. Gorrell 

* John F. Roberts 

Robert H. Wells 


John P. Wells 

Tennessee Gorrell 

Hamabketh L. Church 



Antioch United Methodist Church 

Carrie S. Wells 
Fielding Lawson 

* M.E. Lawson 
Emma Allen 

* E.S. Lamb 

* Barney Lawson 
Mooneyham 1887 

* Nancy Lawson Tarlton 

* L.C. Sigamon 
M.E. Good 
Susan Lawson 
McAnally Rogers 
Susan E. Rogers 
James M. Waddell 

1880 Emma Church 1888 

Emmaline Morris 

Elizabeth Williams 

Mary Campbell 1889 

1883 Marie Isabel Lamb 

* Libby Lamb 

* Eva Lamb 
Nathan S. Lamb 
John N. Lamb 

* J.D. Wills 
Thomas H. Lamb 
Issac H. Lamb 
Sarah A. Lamb 
Elizabeth Lamb 
Sarah E. J. Lamb 

1886 Carrie A. Waddell 
Maggie Rogers 
Sallie G. Rogers 
Hester E.R. Lamb 

* N. Asberry Lawson 

* Susan Lawson 

Virginia Mace 

* Sarah L. Roberts 
L.C. Hipps 
Evea Lamb 
John Click 
Mary E. Lamb 
Sarah Pesterson 
Emily Lamb 
Eveline Cummings 

* C. Waddell 
David E. Sigmond 
Rachel Elizabeth Price 
Hannah E. Miller 
John B. Price 
Newton Pesterson 
Mary E. Parton 
James D. Wills 
Martha J. Wills 
Polly Ann Margaret 
Wills Swaney 

John W.C. Lamb 
Charles W. Church 
Mattie S. Church 
F.A. Viares 
Adaline Lawson 
Mary A. Lawson 
Ellen D. Lamb 
Elbert J. Lamb 
Nancy M. Lamb 
William R. Lamb 
Eliza Lamb 
Pardu Lamb 
Martha Morris 
James Harkleroad 

Built on Faith 73 

1890 Josiah Ward 
Sally Ward 
Marth E. Reynolds 
Mary E. Ward 
Annie L. Ward Lamb 
Etta Rogers 

Alice Lamb 

1891 Emma L. Ebbs 
Minnie E. Ward 
Emma L. Wills 
Mary E. Church 
Charles T. Lawson 
Susan J. Lamb 
Lou C. Lawson 
John R. Lamb 
Maggie Allen 
Maggie M. Blanchard 
Martha E. Mann 
Mary Lawson 

1898 Jennie Roberts 

Bettie Harkleroad 
Steve Wills 
Bettie Waddell 
Maggie E. Harkleroad 
Nora L. Harkleroad 


Antioch United Methodist Church 



* Denotes missing date 

1900 Walter Chockley 
Bessie Wills 
Benjamin F. Wills 
Will M. Swaney 
Ida M. Freshour 

1901 Nannie H. Lawson 
1905 Floyd Waddell 

Edgar Church 
Nita Church 
Lora Waddell 
Jesse Roberts 
Maude Roberts 
Margie Lamb 
Henery Lawson 
Vernon L. Church 

1908 Edd Lamb 
Allie L. Church 
Annie Lawson 
J.W.C. Lamb 
Walter Almany 
Fannie Owenby 
Dorothy Stephens 
Laura Stephens 

J. Frank Roberts 
Emmitt G. Harkleroad 
Henry Harkleroad 
Mary Lamb 

1909 Dora Ricker 
Carson S. Lawson 

Marion Lawson 
Donald Lawson 
Jesse M. Lawson 
Leslie Gardiner 
Swann Waddell 
Iceam Church 
Howard Church 
Hettie Smelcer 
Christine Ricker 
Irene Church Reeves 

1915 Pearl W. Roberts Shipley 
Ruth Gardner Ellenburg 
Fred Stephens 

1916 Ailene Harkleroad Reed 
Sallie Church 

Hattie Church 

1917 Luther Waddell 
Earnest Waddell 
Green Waddell, Jr. 
Lee Barnett 

Fred Barnett 
Nettie Lawson 
1922 Kate Church 

Lucille Lawson Gowan 
Ina Lawson 
Ethel Harkleroad 
Beatrice Smelcer 
Daisy Smelcer 
Nell E. Church Huff 
Pauline S. Church Lewis 

Built on Faith 


Melva Swaney Sexton 
Sarah Ann Thomas 

1923 Nannie Mae Almany 
Ben Harkleroad 
Grant Reed 

Alva F. Freshour 

George W. Stephens 

Clarence M. Lawson 

Sadie G. Lawson 

Carrie Lee Lawson 


Stella Octavia Lawson 

Shelton 1935 

Nellie Mae Stephens 

1924 Clarence F. Stephens 
Cecil Lawson 
Henry C. Wood 
Nellie Wood Plemmons 
David E. Lawson 

1929 Lois Church Moore 
Elbert Angel 

Edith M. Lawson Miller 
Hubert Lamb 

1930 Ethel Church 

Lucy Church 1936 

John Garrett 

Ruby Lamb 

Gladys Harkleroad 

Cassell 1937 

Ruel Lawson 

Wallace Stephens 1940 

Lena Church 1941 

Harsey Thomas Maynard 

1931 Carl Almany 
Maurice Almany 

Helen Lawson 
Lucile McMurtry 
Margaret McMurtry 
Zannie Church Willis 
Wesley Pendland 
Joe Wood 
Lora Church 
Burnett Wills 
Nannie Lawson 

* Elizabeth Lamb 

* Hazel Lamb 

* Margaret Lamb 
Lillie Wills (Mrs. Doc) 
Violet Wills Plemmons 
Annie Mae Wills 
Lorene Wills 
Katherine Gown Lawson 
Maggie Gown 

Mabel Lawson Konopka 
Alma Lawson 
Pauline Lawson 
Minnie Miller Tweed 
Eulah Ralston 
Katherine Harkleroad 
Frances Barnett Strom 
Wilma Lawson Johnson 
Hugh B. Lance 
Mrs. Hugh B. Lance 
Bruce Cassell 
Hugh Stephens 
Jeanette Chockley 
Evelyn Spratt Chockley 
Lora Spratt 
Edward Spratt 
Jack Spratt 

76 Antioch United Methodist Church 

1943 Edna Ruth Gentry Morris 

Kathleen Waddell 

Violet Marie Wills 

Ida Ruth Wood 
1947 Elzie K. Lovin 
1950 Emma Fitzgerald 

Built on Faith 77 


SOUTH 1930s 

1940 Jeanette Chockley and Harry Eugene Lanning 


February 5, 1931 Ralph Sawyer and Lucy Church 

May 26, 1931 Theodore Maynard and Harsey Thomas 

July 23, 1931 McKinley Sexton and Margaret Swaney 

December 23, 1936 Dewey Wills and Verner Garrett 

January 6, 1937 Hubert Gentry and Bertie Roberts 

February 21, 1937 James Leon Cook and Faye L. Randall 


Antioch United Methodist Church 




Neal Barnett 


Shirley Jean Brooks 

Geneva Barnett 

Bruce Chandler 

Mae Shipley 

Bernard Gosnell 

Hattie Suttles 

Marie Lawson 

Mrs. W.R. Gowan 


Jimmy Ray Barnett 

Jeanette Lawson 

Robert Delmar Swaney 

Eugene Lawson 


Teresa Dixon 

Juanita Lawson 

Hunter Tino 

Everett Lawson (Bud) 

Shelby Jean Tino 

James Edward Lawson 

Mary Webb 

Louise Lawson 


Jeanne Miller 


Bill Stanley 


Richard Waltz 


Barbara Sue Dalton 

Ruth Waltz 

Joan Dalton 


Winnie Wills Broglin 

Carolyn Ruth Wills 

Kay Strom Chandler 

Pauline Wills 

Barbara Suttles Wrenn 

Lillian Sexton 

James Wrenn 

Girty Mae Swaney 

Hardin Wrenn 


B.Y. Owensby 

Brian Chandler 

Fletcher Swaney 


Thurman Harp 


Belinda Strom 

Karen Harp 

Loretta Barnett 


Freddie Barnett 

Helen Gosnell 

Diane Barnett 


Linda Susan Parks 


Isabel Barnett Maynard 


Charles Max Osteen 
Marie Foster Osteen 
Debra Wilson Strom 
Judy Strom Sams Wrenn 
Carolyn Wyllene Skipper 


Harry Wing 

Built on Faith 



SOUTH 1950s 


Neal Barnett 


Teresa Dixon 

Geneva Barnett 


Winnie Wills Broglin 

Jeanette Lawson 

Brian Chandler 

Eugene Lawson 

Kay Strom Chandler 

Everette Lawson (Bud) 

Barbara Wrenn 

Mae Shipley 


John Henry Lamb, Jr. 


Barbara Sue Dalton 

Dolman Gowan 

Joan Dalton 

David Wills 

James Edward Lawson 


Clydes Swaney 

Louise Lawson 

Chris Swaney 

Girty Mae Swaney 

Stephanie Swaney 

Carolyn Ruth Wills 

Judy Holt 

Pauline Wills 

Alene Swaney Hagan 


Linda Susan Parks 

Julie Tino 


Debra Wilson Strom 


Isabell Barnett Maynard 


Bernard Gosnell 


Sherry Maynard Frisbee 


Jimmy Ray Barnett 

Sierra Lynn Frisbee 

Robert Delmar Swaney 

Ariel Nicole Frisbee 

80 Antioch United Methodist Church 



Preparatory Membership 

2001 Sierra Lynn Frisbee 
Ariel Nicole Frisbee 
Justin Patrick Wood 
Colby Ryan Wood 

Full Membership 

2001 Sherry Maynard Frisbee 
Jeanette Lawson Nix 
Margaret Ann Quota 
Amanda Sexton Cutshall 
Judy Strom Wrenn 
Hardin Eugene Wrenn 
Randy Patrick Wood 
Vinnie (Missy) Ensley Wood 






Antioch United Methodist Church 

above: Frances Strom, Charles Waddell, 
Viola Wilds, Albert Wilds, Ruth Wood 

below: Barbara Wrenn, Missy Wood, Randy Wood, James Wre 


Built on Faith 


above left: Mi (ford Lawson 

ibove right: Jeanette Nix, Pauline Lawson 

left: Marie Lawson 

below: Sherry Frisbee, Winnie Broglin, 
Violet Wills, Linda Cutshall, Pauline 
H Stills, Carolyn Gentry, Alma Maynard 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

above: Mike Maynard, Vaughn Barnett, Len Frisbee 

below: Stephen Schoof, Andrew Smith, Shelly Broglin, Leslie Schoof 

, ■, - /':r-;:, ,.;■ .■■■:■•.,; 


Built on Faith 

above: Dwaine Strom, Kay Cody, Ann Strom, Belinda Strom, Teresa 
Strom, Melissa Strom, Sarah Strom 

below: Timmy Strom, Glen Barnett, Tommy Strom, Freddie Barnett 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

above: Mallory Smith, Taylor Denton, Ed Turner, 
Donna Smith, Diane Barnett, Chris Burnett 

below: Ginger Rice, Pauline Stills, Cameron Rice, Donna Barnett, 
Ariel Frisbee, Jimmy Barnett, Hailey Rice 

Built on Faith 


Amanda Cutshall 

Antioch United Methodist Church 

Neal and Geneva Bamett 

Ariel Frisbee, Hannah King, Sierra Frisbee, 
Neal Bamett, Andy Bamett, Caleb Bamett 

Built on Faith 


above: Jack Barnett, Fred 
Bamett, Lee Barnett 

right: Rosco Gar r is, Fred 
Barnett, Junior Lamb 

below: Fred and Hattie 


:";, C ■■:. \ ■'■;... 

ste *^m, :^-e ■■■■:■■■,' ..,■:■ 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

above: Shelly Broglin, Leslie Schoof, Winnie Broglin 

below: Loretta Burnett Kicklite 


Built on Faith 

above: Susan Schoof, Charles Schoof, Winnie Broglin, 
Shelly Broglin, Wayne Broglin, Travis Barton, Patsy Barton 

below: Sierra Frisbee, "Ma" Oclra Maynard, Toni Patterson 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

above: April Adams, Mike Maynard, Frances Strom, Wayne Strom 
below: Andy, Caleb, Will, Chris and Sammy Bamett 

Built on Faith 

above: Robbie Patterson, Shian Lamb, Toni Patters 


below: Ariel Frisbee, Cameron Rice 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

left: Isabel Maynard 
and Sierra Frisbee 

below: Sam and Bonnie Barnett 

Built on Faith 


-:■■ ■ :. ■:■■ 

above: Freddie and Diane Burnett 

below: Freddie Barnett and grandchildren 
Hailey, Cameron, Caitlyn Rice 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

left: Tucker and Chance 

below: Donna, Seth and 
Mai lory Smith 




Built on Faith 


right: Brett, Justin, 

Matthew Kickliter 

and Geneva Barnett 


Antioch United Methodist Church 



above: Sherry Frisbee, Alma Maynard, Isabel Maynard, 
Frances Strom, Fonl Patterson, Ira Adams 

facing page, top: Frances Strom, Toni Patterson, Ira Adams, 
Ariel Frisbee, Hannah King, Sierra Frisbee, Shian Lamb 

facing page, bottom: Leslie Schoof 

Built on Faith 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

Sarah Stribling, Warren Nix, Mike Maynard 

Sierra Frisbee, Ariel Frisbee, Hannah King, 
Sherry Frisbee, Sarah Strom, Teresa Strom 


Built on Faith 


above: Violet Wills, Leslie Schoof, Steve Schoof, Judy Wrenn, 

Isabel Maynard, Heather Sams, Gloria Sundquist 

(photo by Winnie Wills Broglin) 

below: Mallory Smith, Jimmy Burnett, Diane Burnett, 
Pauline Stills, Geneva Burnett 


Antioch United Methodist Church 


- — rro? 


yp :i ■■■'■■ ■-" 


'3te m-MWffi. :i : : S-It : :: 


t;--^i a^ 



t VV; 

: > 



: ^ 1; 

■■■■.. .,.,■.. 

' V,^„- 

Sam Burnett and Marcy Lamb 

Chance Hunter, Jeanette Nix, Jennifer Hunter 

~— — - ■ 

■..-;.;■■■; ■ ■■,,,, -V-' .■■■-- .-, .-. ; .■ ■■■;■ ■;■. ■. ■ : - ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ : ■ 

Built on Faith 


Marie Law son \s Sunday School Class 

Janette Nix, Ariel Frisbee, Marie Lawson, Sierra Frisbee, 

Vickie English, Sherry Frisbee, Bernice Reed, Isabel M ay nard, 

Frances Strom, Amanda Cutshall, Delmar Swaney, 

Eugene Lawson, Carolyn Gentry April Adams, Freddie Burnett 

(photo by Winnie Wills BrogI in) 

Pianist Sierra Frisbee 


Antioch United Methodist Church 

Pastor Randy Wood 

Sunday School Secretary 
Delmar Swaney 

. „ 

Lucille Law son Gowan, at the 
age of 93, is the oldest member 
of Antioch today. She is pictured 
here with her husband, Dolmon. 

They make their home in the 
Upper Shut-in community 

Built on Faith 


Antioch Worship Service is held each Sunday at II o'clock 

1st row: Will Bamett, Andy Burnett, Colby Wood, Missy Wood, 
Shian Lamb, Ariel Frisbee, Marie Luwson, Toni Patterson, 
Judy Wrenn, Sierra Frisbee, Frances Strom, Felicia Moore 

2nd row: Bernice Reed, , Amanda Cutshull, Delmur Swaney, 

, Cassie Lamb, Marcy Lamb, Chris Burnett, April Adams, 

Carolyn Gentry, Jeunette Nix, Fran Wills, Crystal Brown, 
Isabel Maynard, Winnie Broglin 

3rd row: , Randy Wood, Lurry Patterson, Justin Wood, Barbara 

Wrenn, Jim Wrenn, Hardin Wrenn, Eugene Luwson, Freddie Burnett 

(photo made after the October 20, 2002 service by Sherry Frisbee) 

Randy and Missy Wood 


106 Antioch United Methodist Church 


V.L. Church Dies Near Hot Springs 

Funeral of Prominent Citizen Thursday 

Vernon L. Church, 54, prominent farmer and merchant of 
Antioch, near Hot Springs, died at his home Wednesday morning, Dec. 
27, at 7:30 o'clock, following an illness of six weeks. 

Mr. Church first became ill of pleurisy, followed by pneumonia. 
He was thought to be on the way to recovery, but bronchial pneumonia 
developed Monday, resulting in his death. 

The eldest son of the late Wesley Church and of Mrs. Susan 
Barrett Church, he was born and reared near Antioch. For the past 
several years, he had been engaged in both farming and the 
merchantile business, and was considered one of the leading busi- 
ness men of this section of Madison County. He was a member of 
the Antioch Methodist church for 35 years and was superintendent 
of the Sunday School at the time of his death. He long had been 
active in church and community work. 

He is survived by his mother, who made her home with him; his 
widow Mrs. Allie Payne Church; two daughters, Mrs. Swann Huff and 
Mrs. Neil Lewis, both of Hot Springs; two brothers, Ed and Dennis 
Church, both of Hot Springs; a sister, Mrs.J.H. Reeves, of Hot Springs; 
and one grandchild, Virginia Huff. 

The funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock 
at the Antioch Methodist church, with the Rev. M.T Smathers, of 
Asheville, and the Rev. M.W. Edwards, of Mill Springs, officiating. 
The pastor of the church, the Rev. Z.V. Arthur is away on a Christ- 
mas vacation. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Active pall- 
bearers will be Howard Wills, Burnett Wills, Greene Waddell, Jack 
Shipley, Fred Barnett, and Arnold Lamb, all members of Mr. 
Church's Sunday School class. Honorary pallbearers: Murphy 
Bryan, of Morristown, Tenn., Horace Burnett and Hugh Taylor, of 
Newport, Tenn., A.L. Dennis, of Marshall and Glenn Brooks, W.T 
Davis, C.L. Stamey, Will Fleming, Claud Huff, George Lippard, 
Gerdine Gentry, and Ed Huff, all of Hot Springs. Flower-bearers 
will be members of the Sunday School. 

Built on Faith 107 

Rev. Edgar Clapp 

Services for the Rev. Edgar B. Clapp, 79, of 144 Reed St., 
Biltmore, who died Sunday, will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the 
chapel of Groce Funeral Home. 

The Rev. Pascal Waugh will officiate. Burial will be in Riverside 

Pallbearers will bejoe King, Paul Rice, Sol Reese, Ralph Osteen, 
Frank Alexander and Boyd Bryson. Honorary pallbearers will be Blake 
Creasman, Ernest Melton, Dr. Phillip Russell, Kingsland Van Winkle, 
Lloyd Rathburn, Max Osteen and Paul Cochrane. 

A native of Mitchell County, Mr. Clapp was a retired Methodist 
minister, having served in churches in Florida, Missouri and Arizona. 

Following his retirement in 1952, he lived in Hot Springs and Old 
Fort. He had lived in Biltmore the past two years. His wife, the late 
Mrs. Mae Norton Clapp, died April 20, 1965. 

Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. Jay Frisbie, of Long Beach, Ca- 
lif, and Miss Edith Clapp of the home; and a brother, Charles W. 
Clapp of Biltmore. 

Former Hot Springs Pastor and Mayor Dies 

Rev. Z.V Arthur Rites To Be Held On Friday Morning 

The Rev. Z.V Arthur, 73, of Hot Springs died about noon 
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1963, in a Sylva hospital following a lengthy 

Funeral services will be held Friday morning at 11 :()0 o'clock at the 
Hot Springs Methodist Church. The Revs. H.R Sellers and W.C. Clark 
will officiate. The body will be interred in Delaware, Ohio. 

Pallbearers will be Willie Collins, Kenneth Burgin, Reeves Church, 
Swan Huff, Aubrey Ramsey and William Kissack. 

The body will lie in state 30 minutes prior to the service. 

Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Agnes Arthur of Hot Springs; one 
daughter, Mrs. Violet R. Lewis of Marion 111.; and one brother, Orre 
Arthur of Delaware, Ohio. 

Mr. Arthur was a former mayor of Hot Springs and was pastor of 
Hot Springs Methodist Church for 12 years. He also had served as an 
Army chaplain. 

108 Antioch United Methodist Church 

The family requests that contributions be made to Hot Springs Meth- 
odist church in lieu of flowers. 

Bowman Funeral Home is in charge. 

Lee Barnett 

Rev. Lee Paige Barnett, age 93, of 3420 Shamrock Drive, Char- 
lotte, N.C., died Sunday morning, November 13, 1994 at the Wesley 
Nursing Center, Charlotte, N.C. Mr. Barnett was born in Madison 
County October 1, 1901 to Zack and Isabel Lamb Barnett. He was a 
retired Methodist Minister, having served for many years at the First 
United Methodist Church in Pilot Mountain. He was a member of the 
Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. 
After his retirement, he served as Director of Cultivation and Promo- 
tion at Brevard College, and was a member of Masonic Lodge No. 493 
AF&AM in Pilot Mountain. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Jennie Graybeal 
Barnett, 3420 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte, N.C; one daughter, Mrs. 
Jennie Lee Peoples, 89 Lucy Street, McEwen, Tenn.; one son, Mr. 
Charles Lee Barnett, West Jefferson, N.C. three grandchildren, Eddie, 
Cecelia and Porter Craig Wall; two brothers, Mr. Jack Barnett, Dob- 
son, N.C. and Mr. Fred Barnett, Hot Springs, N.C. A memorial ser- 
vice will be held on Sunday afternoon, November 20, 1994 at the First 
United Methodist Church in Pilot Mountain, N.C. at 4 P.M. by the Rev. 
Reggie Cooke and Rev. Jim Boles. The family requests that in lieu of 
flowers, memorials may be made to The Scholarship Fund at Brevard 
College, French Broad Street, Brevard, N.C. 28712. Cox-Needham 
Funeral Home and Chapel in Pilot Mountain, N.C. is in charge of the 

Hattie Barnett 

Funeral services were held June 19 for Hattie Barnett, 75, who 
died in a Greenville, Tenn. hospital June 16 after a lingering illness. 

Services were held at the Antioch Methodist Church of which 
she was a member. The Rev. Lee P. Barnett and Rev. Harry Wing 
officiating. Burial was conducted in the Fairview Cemetery. Grand- 
sons served as pallbearers. 

Built on Faith 109 

She was survived by her husband, Fred A. Barnett; two daugh- 
ters, Mrs. Isabell Maynard,Jr. and Mrs. Frances Strom, both of Hot 
Springs; four sons Neal and Vaughan Barnett of Hot Springs, Glen 
Barnett of Richmond, Va., and Tommy Barnett of White Pine; one 
sister, Mrs. Maude Wills of Hot Springs; two brothers, Dewey Briggs 
of Greenville, S.C., and Robert Briggs of White Pine; 19 grandchil- 
dren and 14 great-grandchildren. 

Eulala Drake 

Eulala Morris Drake, 86, died Saturday, June 15, 1996, at Giv- 
ens Estates Health Care. 

Born in Madison County, she was a daughter of the late Oscar and 
Minnie Brown Morris and wife of John Lee Drake, who died in 1982. 
She was a certified nursing assistant formerly associated with Appala- 
chian Hall. She was a member of Haywood Street United Methodist 
Church, United Methodist Women and Homemakers Class. 

She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Viola and Albert 
Wilds of Asheville; sisters, Bonnie Butler of Greenville, S.C., Nola 
Gunter and Mary Forbes of Newport, Tenn.; brothers, Grover Morris 
of Newport, Tenn., Doyle Morris of Dayton, Ohio, Walter Morris of 
Paducah, Ky.; grandsons and their wives, Albert and Mary Ann Wilds 
Jr., Timothy andjenny Wilds; great-grandchildren, Evangeline Grace 
Wilds, Albert Wilds III and William Wilds. 

A memorial services will be at 1 1 a.m. Saturday at Haywood Street 
United Methodist Church with the Rev. Patriciajenkins officiating. 

Memorials may be made to Givens Estates or to Haywood Street 
United Methodist Church. 

The family will be at the home of Albert and Viola Wilds, 150 
Vance Crescent Ext. 

Groce Funeral Service is in charge of arrangements. 

Charles Wills 

Charles Edward Wills, 65, of 241 Grassy Creek Road, Hot 
Springs, died Wednesday,June 19, 1996, in Memorial Mission Hospi- 
tal after an extended illness. 

110 Antioch United Methodist Church 

A lifelong resident of Madison County, he was a son of the late 
Lewis Wills and Maude Briggs Wills. He was a farmer and a Meth- 
odist. He also served in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict. 
He was preceded in death by his father, Lewis Wills; brothers, Eu- 
gene and David Wills; grandchildren, Hayden Gray Meadows and 
Leannajane Meadows. 

He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Maxine Silver Wills; daugh- 
ter, Diana Meadows of Hot Springs; son, Gary Wills of Hot Springs; 
mother Maude Briggs Wills of Hot Springs; sister Violet Wills of Hot 
Springs; grandchildren, Chris Wills, Nicholas Wills and Crystal Moore; 
great-grandchild Avery Moore. 

Services will be at 2 P.M. Sunday at Antioch United Methodist Church 
with the Revs. Robert White, Will Pruett, Larry Arrowood, and Salva- 
tion Army Capt. Kenneth Oakes officiating. Burial will be in the church 

The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday at Madi- 
son Funeral Home, Marshall. 

Miinie Louise Green, 79, went to be with her Lord at 12:30 a.m. 
Friday morning, April 14, 2000, at Elderberry Health Care. 

Minnie was a homemaker and member of the Salvation Army 
Church. She was preceded in death by her husband of 58 years, Clifford 
Green; four sisters, Mary Turner, Pearl Bible, Thelma Massey and Viva 
Lee Ellison; and five brothers, Cecil, Paul, Lewis, Elmer Ernest, and 
Walter Ellison. 

She is survived by four daughters and sons-in-law, Ovella and 
Willard Swaney of Hot Springs, Brenda and George Cody of White 
Pine, Tenn., Vonda and Herbert Dockery of Cosby, Tenn., and Connie 
and Arthur Roberts of Alexander; two sons and daughters-in-law, Donnie 
and Wanda Green of Hot Springs and Clifford Jr. and Nancy Green of 
Hot Springs; two sisters, Bertha Berryhill of Greeneville, Tenn. and 
Opal Milton of Knoxville, Tenn.; 17 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchil- 
dren; five great-great-children; and several nieces and nephews. 

The family will receive friends 6-9 p.m. Saturday at Brown Fu- 
neral Home. The funeral service will be 2 p.m. Sunday at the funeral 
home chapel with the Rev. Bobby Hayes, the Rev. Eugene Green 

Built on Faith 111 

and the Rev. White officiating. Interment will be at Huff Cemetery 
in Del Rio, Tenn. 

Brown Funeral Home, Newport, Term., is in charge of arrangements. 

Mrs. Lillian C. Sexton Adams, 54, of Hot Springs, North Caro- 
lina, died Friday at her home following and extended illness. 

She was a life-long resident of Madison County; a member of the 
Antioch United Methodist Church; and a co-founder of God's Little 
Helpers, which is an outreach of the Lord to the community. 

She was preceded in death by her husband, Clinton C. Adams; 
mother, Maggie Sexton; and brother, Elmer James Sexton. 

Survivors include her son, Ira Lynn Adams; daughter, April Dawn 
Adams, both of Hot Springs, North Carolina; sister, Helen Ellison, New- 
port; niece, Polly Lovin; great-nephew, Eric James Lovin; great-niece, 
Marisa Raven Lovin, all of Newport; father, McKinley Sexton, Hot 
Springs, North Carolina; two half-brothers, Sherman Sexton and Alfred 
Sexton, both of Lexington, North Carolina; and two half-sisters, Addie 
Crisp, Lexington, North Carolina, and Doshie Miller, Hot Springs, 
North Carolina. 

The funeral will be 2 p.m. Monday at Antioch United Methodist 
Church in Hot Springs, North Carolina, with Rev. Elgin Nichols, Rev. 
Wyllene Skipper and Auxiliary Captain Kenneth Oakes officiating. 
Burial will be in the Antioch Cemetery. 

The body will be taken to the church to lie in state from 1 :30 P.M. 
until 2 p.m. 

Pallbearers will be Willard Swaney, Shermont Stills, Vernon Stills, 
Bobby Sexton, Clydes Swaney, and Ronnie Caldwell. 

The family received friends 7-9 p.m. Sunday at Costner-Maloy Fu- 
neral Home. 

Costner-Maloy Funeral Home, Newport, is in charge. 

Dr. Kickliter's wife, Loretta, dies 

The wife of a local doctor died Monday morning following a 
lengthy illness. 

Loretta Kickliter, 38, of Newport, died at her home. 

112 Antioch United Methodist Church 

She was the wife of Family Practice Center doctor David Kickliter. 

She was a member of Antioch United Methodist Church, and at- 
tended First Baptist Church, where she was a member of Dean Will- 
iams' Sunday school class. 

After graduating form Hot Springs High School, she attended 
Maryville College and the University of Tennessee. She graduated from 
Kennestone Radiological Hospital School of Radiological Technology 
in Marietta, Georgia, and worked in that capacity until she became a 

She was also a member of the Newport Garden Club. 

Kickliter was active in supporting the Newport Grammar School's 
basketball program and the Newport Recreation basketball and base- 
ball programs. 

Survivors include her husband, Dr. David Kickliter; sons, Matthew, 
Justin and Brett, Newport; parents, Neal and Geneva Barnett, Hot 
Springs, North Carolina; grandfather, Fred Barnett, Hot Springs, North 
Carolina; sister, Donna Smith, Hartford; and brothers, Freddie Barnett, 
Del Rio, and Sam and Jim Barnett, Hot Springs, North Carolina. 

The funeral will be 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Brown Funeral Chapel 
with Dr. Charlie Boggan officiating. Burial will be 10 A.M. Thursday in 
Union Cemetery. 

The family will receive friends from 6-8:30 p.m. Wednesday prior 
to the service. 

Brown Funeral Home is in charge. 

iited Methoi 
Hot Springs, N.G. 

Cover by Ralph Roberts